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-Most content is public. Can get nsfw. I'm more likely to follow blogs with similar interests or fandoms (especially blogs with darker themes, such as the paranormal/occult and goth blogs), but it's not limited to just those things. Keep in mind, I won't always follow you back, and as such, I do not expect anyone to follow me back just because I followed first.

-I'm not granting journal access, simply because everything is public and there's really no reason to. However, if this changes and I go friends only for any reason, I will go through and grant everybody access so they can still read my journal.

-I'm a reader, and while I can't seem to make myself sit down long enough to read a book nowadays, I do spend an embarrassing about of time reading personal blogs and fanfiction. If you noticed me subscribing, it's because I was reading your blog and something struck a chord, maybe it's in your writing style, or if our interests are similar, or maybe I found some of your fiction (original or fanfiction) and enjoyed it.

-I am a writer, artist, and wannabe youtuber, and I hope that if you enjoy my content, that you subscribe and join me on my endeavors.

-If you're an anti, just save yourself the time and trouble and go elsewhere.

-You do not have to ask to subscribe. My blog is 99% public, so if you like what you see, go ahead and follow.

-I do post a lot about witchcraft and other occult topics, so if that's not your thing, or you feel it's against your religion, you probably shouldn't subscribe.

-Keep your acephobia and transphobia far, far away from me.

-I will not follow if you don't respect trigger warnings. The only thing I personally ask that you keep under a cut with a warning is trypophobia-inducing images (holey skin, wasp/hornet nests, lotus pods, clusters of googly eyes, etc.). I know trypophobia isn't classified as a true phobia, but it does still affect me negatively, for reasons. Really stupid reasons, but still reasons.

-Oh, also gore. Please keep gore under a cut. I used to have a stomach of steel, and I don't know what happened over the last few years but it only takes one gory image to fuck me up for days.

-I keep all of my nsfw content (fic and fanart) under a cut, but seeing as I am still editing old posts in this blog, keep in mind that if you dig really far back you may find things that aren't cut that I haven't fixed yet.

-I do vague a lot, but it's 90% irl stuff and 10% tumblr stuff, so if vagueing makes you uncomfortable for any reason, you probably shouldn't subscribe.

-I don't comment very much, unless I have something important to add or I'm comfortable conversing with you, so don't take it personally if I don't comment on a post or reply to your comment. Anxiety is a bitch. Also, I won't whine if you don't comment on my entries. You are welcome to be a lurker if you like.

-I know I have a lot of... cringey material years back on this blog (especially concerning "yaoi" based posts, and art involving white characters with dreadlocks). I've deleted a lot because looking at it made me want to find a time machine and beat myself up, but keep in mind that 2012 me and 2017 me are two entirely different people, and I've certainly grown past that. On the same note, if I'm doing something offensive, go ahead and let me know but please be tactful about it.

-I'm an sjw, but not an SJW™ if you know what I mean. I am socially aware, but tumblr-style radical politics are toxic and I prefer to not involve myself in them. You have a right to your opinion, but equally so, if you're doing something I find offensive, I have the right to not associate myself with you.

- - x - -

fandoms: My main fandom is kingdom hearts, and I'm really digging the elder scrolls/skyrim, although I'm not really in the fandom. I also really enjoy steven universe and voltron, but I won't officially join those fandoms because of the toxicity surrounding them. Other things that I enjoy but have either outgrown my obsession with or don't know well enough to contribute to, are dragon age, soul eater, homestuck, miraculous ladybug, the x files, devil may cry, air gear, yami no matsuei, kuroshitsuji, fullmetal alchemist, haunting ground, DMMd, attack on titan, and the persona series.

general interests: fanart and fanfic, the goth subculture, the paranormal, witchcraft and the occult, cemeteries, halloween, AUs, conspiracy theories, aliens, cybergoth, bugs and snakes and other creepy crawlies, cryptids, youtube, late 90s-early 2000s nickelodeon shows,

music: angelspit, combichrist, cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, skinny puppy, kmfdm, coal chamber, fall out boy, marilyn manson, the cure, joy division, siouxsie and the banshees, ayria... the list goes on really. Mostly it's industrial and ebm, metal and goth rock, but there is also an embarrassingly large amount of late 90s-early 2000s top 40 hits in my playlist. As well as your general weeby-type music. I don't like country music.
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