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I was digging through the notes in my phone and came across this au idea that I don't remember ever writing but am still in love with the idea of, so here's a self-indulgent hitman au.

Toward the beginning of their "partnership," Axel is grating on Saix's nerves and Saix just pulls his gun out and points it at him like "I swear to god if you don't shut the fuck up i will blow your brains out right here,"

And Axel, pushing his luck (because Saix is pissing him off too), says "You wouldn't have the balls to," because offing a stranger is easy but Axel isn't a stranger and he knows for a fact that Saix would have Xemnas to deal with if he just upright kills him.

But Saix isn't one to be challenged, so he just

Lowers the gun and shoots Axel in the foot.

Once he’s on the ground, Saix just loses his shit. Shoots next to his head and starts shouting at him. He has been in this for too long, Xemnas's empire is going to be his and he is not going to have Axel drag him down

It takes Axel a moment to collect himself, because holy shit there' a fucking HOLE IN HIS FOOT.

But he does and while Saix is too busy shouting at him, he swings his good leg over and takes Saix's legs out from underneath him, pulls a sizeable pocket knife out of his pocket, and jams it into Saix's thigh

I tried to keep this serious and appropriate but I can't help it. Dirty sex afterwards because i’m shamefully shameless

Yes but first, Axel has to win Saix over and he does so very quickly and threateningly.

There's a lot of fighting and wrestling, but Axel eventually has Saix pinned to the floor and sits himself down on Saix's pelvis, wrestles the gun from Saix's hands, and points it point-blank at his head.

"Look," Axel growls. "I literally have nothing left to lose here. I am being tracked left and right by various criminal organizations who have a bounty on my head, because it is my fucking job to take their enemies out. And sometimes, these crime bosses hold grudges. I am only in here, working with you, because your boss is paying me a massive amount of money to help you take out our target, and as soon as we've completed this job, I am taking my pay, and taking myself miles away from this shithole of a city, and I'll be out of your hair. But until that happens, I need you to know that I am not working for your boss, and therefore i don't give a shit what kind of consequences there are if i were to kill you right here and right now. It's just one more organization out to kill me, I've been able to handle the others, what makes you think I can't handle yours? So I would fucking think before you snap at me again, because I can guarantee that you won't see it coming when I kill your sorry ass."

And Saix is just laying there kinda dumbfounded, because this is the first time he's seen even a hint of a serious bone in Axel's body.

And then dirty, thirsty af sex happens.
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