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So I sent my other cashier to her lunch break at about 1am last night, and I took over the order she was ringing up so she could go.

The lady we were ringing up was absolute hell wrapped up in a suburban mom meat skin, from pulling clearance tags off of other items and sticking them on the things she wanted (like, lady I've been here long enough to know that just finding the "$8.00" portion of the clearance sticker messily ripped apart and stuck over the item tag price is shady as fuck), and she wasn't understanding why I couldn't take the sale coupons that specifically state that you can take $15 off of ONE SINGLE ITEM of $74.99 or more and apply it to her entire order, but that's not what this story is about.

This story is about a flower.

One of those pretty lilies, the pink and white ones with the gigantic flowers that smell really really pretty.

She had one of those, and I could smell it from all the way down the conveyor belt, and when it finally came up to where I could scan it, I made a comment about how good I think they smell.

"I love these," I said. "If I could, I would tie one around my neck just so I could smell it all the time." And then I smelled it really quick, scanned it, and set it in her cart.

The entire transaction goes through, with some arguing over the coupons, but I get her rung out and on her way.

My other cashier comes back from her lunch, takes one look at me, and tells me that I have something on my chin. I wipe my hand over my chin, and my hand comes back yellow.

There was pollen all over my face, from my chin all the way down my neck.

This lady went the entire transaction, looking me in the face the entire time.

Like, gee thanks for letting me know that I HAD POLLEN ALL OVER MY FACE.
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