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These scribbles are a few months old, and I found them when I found the witch!namine lineart, and I slapped some color on them really quick. I mostly wanted some color so I could define Naminé’s wounds, and I colored Roxas just because.

This is for my Liber Nox AU.

I don't know how much I've stated about this AU outside of little scraps I've posted with artwork, but this AU centers around Saix, who is a homicide detective, and Axel, a medium that Saix's superiors are paying to help out with a particularly nasty case.

Namine just really gets a very short cameo; she was shot in the head and heart and dumped in an alley, and she appears bloodied and scared to Axel while he and Saix are investigating the crime scene and tries to recount what happened.

Roxas, however, is an entirely different story.

Roxas, Axel and Xion had a very close friendship/qpp relationship, and when Roxas died, it tore Axel and Xion apart.

I haven't figured out how Roxas was killed yet; this drawing just shows him dead and ghostly but I have another half-finished scribble of him somewhere with his throat torn out. Whatever killed him was traumatic, and he keeps reliving his death over and over, and it's killing Axel to see him suffer.


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