May. 2nd, 2017

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When I was a teenager, I had myself a Goth Phase™, though unfortunately for me, I was grossly misinformed as to what goth actually was. You know, raver pants and Marilyn Manson is the One True God, type of goth. I was a Mall Goth™, and the thought of the things I did at that point in my goth lifetime makes me cringe so hard, and I'll share many of those stories in other anecdotes, but I mentioned this one particular story to someone last night and I wanted to share it here too.

In my senior year of high school, I took a fashion design class at my county's vocational school. Like any other art-related class, the beginning of the curriculum followed mostly around color theory and composition, to better prepare us for later projects through the year. The project in question was our last one before the main curriculum started, and we had to work in groups to come up with an attention-grabbing poster to advertise a fictional product. we worked in groups of four, my group consisting of myself, my best friend, who was on the alternative spectrum of things, but significantly less cringey than me, my sister who was also in this class with me, and a fourth girl, who was the Good Christian™, and whose name I don't actually remember, but for the sake of this story will be called Becky.

Being four different individuals, with four different aesthetics, and four different ideas as to how this poster should look, we were butting heads. We were arguing amongst ourselves, because nobody liked anyone else's ideas, and with me being That Person™, I got fed up, and very loudly, in front of the entire class, shouted:

"I know, why don't we just plaster 'Hail Satan!' all over it? That'll grab everyone's attention!"

Becky. Went. Off.

"I am a good christian! I go to church every sunday, and of you even think of putting 'Hail Satan' on that poster board, I am quitting and we can all fail the assignment! I don't care!"

I meant it as a joke, and obviously, our finished poster did not contain the Dark Lord's name or likeness anywhere, but from that day forward, she always seemed wary of me.

A few months later, my best friend had told me that my name had been mentioned when I wasn't around, and Becky said "I don't like Spoony. I think they're a devil worshiper!"

And again, I was That Person™, and instead of squashing it down (no matter how many pokemon cards Satan offers me, I bow down to no deity), I let her believe it. Even insinuated it at some points.

As you can see, I was a regular Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way in my high school years, and now that my understanding of the goth subculture has... improved immensely, I sometimes like to reminisce over these cringey things I used to do, and just laugh at myself. Because that is all I deserved at this point in my life.


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