May. 6th, 2017

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One of the very few plus-sides of living in a conservative area is just how easy it is to knock people for a loop sometimes.

I take my breaks at work out on the floor, sitting on a bench near the lotto machine at the other side of the front end, which on third shift isn't really a problem, since business is a lot slower, and I'm less likely to be interrupted. On occasions though, I'll get a customer or two with a question that I can easily point over to the other cashier who is on the clock, and who often times will be able to answer a question better than I can.

I'm sitting on the bench, scrolling through tumblr on my break, and some guy not only walks right past my coworker and up to me, who is very obviously not on the clock, asking me what lotions we sell that are good for cracked, dry skin. I replied that, not having a cracked skin problem, I cannot answer that question and then proceed to point him in the direction of my coworker who does.

He gets flustered and angry, telling me that he can't believe that I don't know the answer to his question. I work here, so obviously, I must know everything about each of the 750,000 different products we sell. And then, in a fashion truly indicative of an Ohio redneck with zero ability to insult, he crosses his arms and says to me "I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl."

And I, being already dead inside, just responded with a straight face "I'm actually neither, but thank you for respecting my identity,"

And I have never seen anyone go from so angry to so confused so quickly, and I fed off of the spite from his reaction for the rest of the night.


In other news:

-I will never be able to stop drinking pop so much if I keep getting these terrible headaches if I so much as go more than twenty hours without a pepsi.

-I have a coworker from India who sometimes brings me food when she cooks and it always makes me feel special when she does. The food is sooooo good and I ate all of it in one sitting.


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