May. 19th, 2017

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I've since deleted it, because it was pretty much useless an an entry, but when I imported my old LJ account over here, there was one entry that just said "I did a naughty on deviantART" with a dancing trollface gif underneath it, and I just wanted to tell what exactly it was I did.

Many years ago, when deviantART was beginning its decent into garbage, I got into an argument with another user.

I'm sure many people remember the plz accounts - I haven't been active on deviantART in years, so I'm not sure if they're still popular or used as reactions anymore - and there's one in particular, the comment before you fave account, that's always kinda grinded my gears.

Now don't get me wrong, commenting is a great thing, and feedback is important for artists. But being a royal dick about people not commenting on your work makes you an asshole, as there is a large variety of reasons as to why someone can't comment. And I called one user out on this, as he was berating an autistic user for being unable to comment and calling him slurs. And this asshole and I got into an arguement, and he eventually blocked me.

So I created a new account, a sockpuppet called the-fave-bomber, and I went into this guy's gallery, and favebombed his entire gallery without commenting. I think I favebombed like three or four accounts, but only the accounts that were being assholes about comments, before abandoning the account.

It was petty, but I regret nothing.


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