May. 24th, 2017

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So we finally decided to start hacking down the absolute jungle that is my backyard.

The front yard has been easy to maintain; the groundhogs stick to the backyard as opposed to the front, so we can get a lawnmower through without having to worry about falling in a large hole. Which is also where the problem comes in as to why we've allowed the backyard to grow so tall and so thick that we can't even get a weedwhacker through it. The grass is chest-high and if you're not careful while walking, you're going to break your ankle in a groundhog hole.

We cannot safely get a lawnmower through the yard as it is now (even without the groundhog holes, the grass is just too much for a mower to handle), which is why we bought a weedwhacker to take care of the bulk of the mess, but lo and behold, the weedwhacker can't handle it either, so we've had to start going through with a fucking scythe to chop the vegetation down.

Which is difficult work, but less strenuous than you would think.


For the fact that 90% of the cicada nymphs are emerging to molt.

And me being, well, me, spent more time relocating the unmolted cicada nymphs to a tree in the front yard so they didn't get killed in the scything of the lawn.

I think I relocated about ten of them.

The yard does look significantly better tho. We're only like, a fifth of the way done knocking the grass down, but it does look better.


In other news:

-The other day I opened up requests on tumblr for short 3-5 sentence fics to try and knock me out of this funk. Lowkey, half of the point of this is that I am Extra and tend to write full fics from these prompts, and it's amazing how quick one idea can spawn an entire AU.

-That new pepsi fire kinda tastes like an alcohlic drink. I was comparing it to "chasing down a mouthful of red hots with a rum and coke," but one of my coworkers said it was more like "fireball without the fun" which, frankly, is more accurate.
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cut for bugs )

The Cool Thing: The nymphs have all molted.

The Cooler Thing: I am now finding cicadas all over the yard instead of the nymphs.

The Not So Cool Thing: I have not gotten any work done because I keep finding more cicadas and have to move them to the front yard so they don't get trampled over until their wings dry out. I have rescued like twenty of these things in the last half hour.


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