May. 26th, 2017

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So I posted something about my brother's friend Hyper here recently, and he's still coming over on a semi-nightly basis, and my mom was telling me about something that happened as soon as she got home from taking me to work.

When she opened the door, she was assaulted with the smell of poop, which, obviously, is never a good thing, as well as our big dog, Sonny, looking at her as if he'd just eaten the Pope's underpants.

Sonny is a good dog, but occasionally, he has accidents, and when his accidents happen, it's like a horse shit everywhere (he has a gluten allergy, and we're careful about what we feed him but sometimes he gets in the trash and he pays for it later), and in the middle of the kitchen floor, near the gigantic piles of dog poop, was all of our toilet paper, still inside of the package.

So my mom yells for my brother and asks for him to explain why the toilet paper was flung across the room but the poop not picked up, and he looks in the kitchen confused for a moment, and then starts giggling.

Apparently, Hyper had been the first one to discover it, and had planned on picking it up, but as he climbed over the dog gate with the toilet paper to clean the mess up, the dogs started barking and charged at him so he tossed the toilet paper across the room and jumped back over the gate.

And I... find this really fucking funny.


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