Jun. 2nd, 2017

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I thought my paycheck seemed a little low when I checked my bank balance, so I checked my pay stub at work tonight and noticed, that even though I had my usual thirty-seven and a half hours for the week, my paycheck was almost a hundred dollars short.

I scrolled down to my deductions, and there's a fucking $96 garnish on it. I'm pretty sure I know what it's for - and I had completely forgotten about it (to summarize, I owe school district taxes for a few years because according to my W-4, the school district I live in DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST) - but come on, some advanced notice would have been fucking nice.


In other news:

-I have this thing whenever I buy a new pair of shoes that makes throwing the old pair out very hard, because like I want to keep them even though there’s no reason to because the entire sole of the right shoe literally fell off.

-Fun fact: i actually physically cringe every time I hear Axel say “got it memorized?” and I cringe harder when reading fic and Axel says that phrase more than once or twice in the entire fic.
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Before I forget that this happened; I had a minor paranormal experience when I got out of the shower last night.

We bathed the dogs the other day, so there's a coffee mug sitting on the ledge of the bathtub that was used to rinse off the dogs that we just haven't put in the kitchen sink.

Generally, when I get out of the shower, I drape a towel on the edge of the tub and across the floor, sit down, and wrap myself in towels to dry off before I get dressed and get ready for work. And this coffee mug is sitting about a foot to my right.

And as I am sitting there playing on my phone (downloading Magikarp Jump was a mistake), I hear what sounds like ceramic rattling to my right.

I look over at the mug and the noise stops. There are no towels anywhere near the mug, it's just sitting there, chillin' on the ledge, with literally nothing anywhere near it. I go back to playing on my phone, and I hear the noise again. Again, I look over and it stops.

I repeat this a few more times, until I look over at it, and it slides two inches toward me. Untouched by anything.

I got dressed very quickly, ended up putting my pants on backward, and finally took that mug and put it in the kitchen sink.


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