Jun. 9th, 2017

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I have a thing that happened the other night at work that I have been trying to write about; that I have been trying to write about since monday, that I am nowhere even close to finishing because a). the actual story is so fucking long and my salt and sarcasm levels are way off the charts, and I've just been very meh when it comes to writing. Which is one of several reasons why I decided to slowly start migrating back over to livejournal, and subsequently, here on dreamwidth because I feel obligated to write much more than the one-liners I shit out over on tumblr.

But writer's block is a fucking bitch, and being a procrastinator on top of it...

I took some fic requests on tumblr a few weeks ago, and while I've managed to get some words out with a few of the prompts I was given, as soon as I stopped writing for whatever reason, I've not been able to pic it back up and the fics are just sitting there, waiting for me to finish them, and I just can't do it.

I bought one of these several months ago on a whim at work. Each page has a simple story starter at the top and the goal is to take it from there and to write a story for each prompt. I have yet to even touch this book.

I think I might challenge myself to write out one or two stories from this book a week, partly because a). writing by hand is terrible and I hate it and I need to get over this, and b). I might be able to actually finish a story, even if it's just something short and stupid.


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