Jun. 13th, 2017

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“Well, I wanted to make sure that it went off and worked,” said a somewhat proud and nervous Jimmie Barstad. “So I really stuffed that thing with everything flammable I could find. I just didn’t think gasoline would explode like that. I thought it would work more like the lighter fluid on my Weber grill. So the explosion scared the heck out of everyone. We’re still picking up pieces of Dad all over Cascade Shores.”

Click here for an article about a family's DIY Viking funeral gone hilariously wrong.
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So the car is sitting at the shop until we have the funds to get it fixed or even looked at (and we're praying it's not the head gasket).

One of my mom's coworkers just bought a new vehicle, so he sold us his station wagon for $400. It runs a little loud and a little rough, but it's still in good enough shape to get us back and forth until we can afford to fix the buick, and then the station wagon will be our backup vehicle which is something we've been needing for years to be honest.

Plus, as soon as I'm able to finally get my fucking driver's license before something terrible happens to the car which always fucking happens, I'll be able to get a second job somewhere to help with bills.

Also, I'm fucking sick on top of everything else.


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