Jun. 18th, 2017

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Everything has come crashing down over the last month, with my wages being garnished and all the bullshit with the car. I have $30 to my name and my internet is coming up with that "pay your fucking bill" message that Spectrum throws at you about two days before cutting your service, and you know, it's just hitting me that, I'm a fucking witch, I have the ability to change all of this right the fuck around, so I think I might spend my day doing that and fixing this mess of a financial crisis.

This is also a reminder, both to myself and anyone else reading, that magic is finicky and tricky, and if you just put out into the universe, "I will make money," that the universe will find any source it can if you don't specify where you want it to come from.

Just ask my mother, who once cast a simple money spell and burned all of the skin off of her fingertips with incorrectly labeled nail polish removal. The universe gave her the opportunity to make money off of a lawsuit; an opportunity that she did not take because it was immoral in her eyes.


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