Jun. 19th, 2017

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We moved into this house in january shortly after the previous tennant passed away.

I'm not as adverse to using her real name on here as opposed to a nickname as I usually am since she's not here anymore; her name was Pam, and she was my town's historian and the head of the historical society before it disbanded a few years ago. She died late last year of brain cancer.

We've been having issues with our central air since it started getting hot enough outside to need it, and mostly we've been suffering, mainly using a few high-powered fans to fend off heat stroke because none of us wanted to bother the landlord with anything else that needed fixing, since they were the ones that lended us the money for the car and we owe them enough as it is.

The other day we caved and let the landlord know it wasn't working, and he promptly sent someone out to fix it.

Good old Pam, it is so very much like her to give us a hard time, even in death. The heating guy told us that he'd been out two years ago to fix the problems that Pam had been having with the furnace and the central air unit and had pinpointed it to the thermostat. He'd offered to replace the thermostat, and Pam outright refused because, and get this, because she had something that she stuck into the thermostat's circuitboards to make it work.

But alas, two years later, with no Pam to show us how she bypassed it, we were left with a broken thermostat and useless central air unit, so yes, we told the heating guy to replace it.

So, about an hour later, we had a new thermostat and working air conditioning, and apparently, a disapproving Pam.

Later that night, my mom saw her walking down the hallway, in a white nightgown. She sad that she passed right in front of my door and disappeared into the laundry room.

She told me this, and we're both a little confused, as we never pegged her to be the "spectral lady in a white gown" type of ghost; we would expect her to appear in one of the period costumes she wore on a regular basis.

But yeah, that's my family's latest paranormal occurrence.
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One of my tumblr friends has the "werewolf" url and has been using it for quite a while now. They used to get the occasional "I'll give you money if you give me your url" messages but in the last few weeks those messages have been exploding to an annoying volume. Like earlier someone offered them the "wiccan" url in exchange for the "werewolf" url, and if they'd actually been wiccan they probably would have considered it.

I suggested that they start replying to those messages with this:


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