Jun. 21st, 2017

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I was digging through the notes in my phone and came across this au idea that I don't remember ever writing but am still in love with the idea of, so here's a self-indulgent hitman au.

warning for some violence beneath the cut )
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The charging port on my ipod had been slowly and continuously getting more difficult to connect over the last few months and it finally stopped working, and now it's got maybe half of a charge left and after that goes, the ipod is gone. Dead. Finito. I transferred any important notes over to my phone and now it's time to mourn the death of the best protective case I ever had.

The only real reason I was still using it was to store my music so that I still had space in my phone in which to record video when it comes to youtube (which I have not been doing, which I plan on rectifying sometime this week), and luckily I still have my old 3rd gen ipod laying around (still in good condition, even if the software is so obsolete that I can't even update the OS), so I synced my music over and decided to go digging to see what I could find buried in the depths of my old ipod.

I found buttloads of old fanfiction, unfinished and unpublished.

Buttloads of old fanfition that show promise and could possibly be tweaked and finished... if I had a fucking clue where where I was going with them.

minor nsfw-ish fic synopsys )... and that's it. The fic ends there. There was most definitely supposed to be something behind it, usually it's something that goes hilariously wrong when it comes to my PWPs, but I didn't leave myself any sort of reminder as to what direction it was supposed to be going.


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