Jun. 22nd, 2017

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It's one thing to go through your old art tag on tumblr and cringe. But wHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.

I don't remember when or why this particular image came into existence, but I vaguely remember trying to make one with squidward as well.
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I briefly mentioned the other day an ad on youtube chronicling the discovery of a mummified extraterrestrial and one of the channels I subscribe to just posted a critical viewpoint on the whole thing and its likeliness to actually be a hoax, and I think it's worth a watch.
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images under cut to avoid dash stretching )

I don't have a full opinion yet, seeing as I was the first one to claim the gym behind my house and I'm the only team valor person within five miles (literally everyone in town is team mystic), but I immediately obtained a gym badge as soon as I dropped my dragonite in, and you can also spin the photo disc to obtain the same items you'd normally receive from pokestops, which is pretty awesome because, since I can reach both the gym and the pokestop from my bedroom, it means double the items for me.

Raid battles seem to still be unavailable, and I'm as of yet unsure how gym battles work now, aside from what I've read online, but hell this is still pretty cool.

The downside:

Do we not get defender bonuses anymore????


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