Jul. 1st, 2017

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cut for discussion involving a dead frog )

But, in my googling to try and find out what species this frog is, I did find out something pretty cool that I did not know prior, and that's that Ohio has lizards. Apparently, we have five-lined skinks, broad-head skinks, and ground skinks.

The last time I'd seen lizards in the wild was when I was like eight years old, and my uncle took me to disney world with them. There were brown anoles everywhere and I spent quite a lot of my trip trying to catch one, and failing miserably. I had no idea that Ohio even had a climate that could support any type of lizard, and now it's on my bucket list to find at least one out in the wild.

Also unrelated but not really: when I was about ten, my dad had bought me a few green anoles as pets, and in school, we had daily journals we had to do that had to be turned in and graded. I often wrote about my lizards, and my teacher always redlined and corrected "anoles" to "animals," and this got on my nerves like nothing else. I started including "a small lizard" in parentheses any time I mentioned my anoles, and she still wasn't getting the hint. I even once added at the beginning of a journal entry "an anole is a lizard please stop changing it to "animals" and she even crossed out the "anole" in that sentence and added "animal" in. It took me drawing several random animals at the bottom of my journal entry with the label "animals" and a lizard with the label "anole. An anole is also an animal, but this lizard is called an anole" before she finally stopped correcting it.


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