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Jun. 28th, 2017 04:45 am
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Okay, so I've been sitting down in my bedroom with the lights off, watching paranormal videos on youtube; which is mistake number one, because I've already provided myself with the means to royally freak myself out.

It did not start out this way. I started by watching mixed media art videos, with the lights off to keep my electric bill down. It's also a nice night out, so I opened my blinds and opened my window to let the cool air in.

It's no secret that there's some sort of entity in my backyard. I noticed it immediately after moving in, because whatever it is likes to stare in through my bedroom window and through the kitchen windows. My dog has refused to go outside at night because of it, and it's the eeriest feeling. I thought I've felt eyes on me in old haunted houses I've lived in in the past, but this is just like, an extreme version of this feeling. I don't think this entity is actually tied to my backyard per say; I do however think it's land-based and haunts not only my backyard, but the woods and properties directly surrounding where I live.

But in the last few months since we've moved in, those feelings have diminished by a lot. I can keep my blinds open at night and cook in the kitchen at 3am now without that creepy feeling of eyes on me for the most part; that's not to say it doesn't still watch us, it's just sated its initial curiosity and only shows up on occasion to see what's going on. And I think that's exactly what was happening when we moved in; we were a bunch of strangers, and it was curious and nosy and wanted to know what was going on.

But those mixed media art videos I was watching turned into me checking out a new 3am challenge video that someone I subscribe to posted, which turned into watching other paranormal videos.

And just a few minutes ago, I heard something from the backyard.

It was like a howl. Or a scream. It sounded something similar to this wailing demon audio (beware, the noises in that clip are fairly disturbing). It didn't come from directly outside my window, it was distant, but still nearby.

I thought it was my imagination getting to me, considering I've been watching paranormal videos for the past hour, but I paused the video, and sure enough, I could still hear that howling outside.

And then, a moment after it went silent, I felt those eyes on me.

I have since closed the window, the blinds, and have turned the lights on.
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When I woke up last night to get ready for work, I opened up Pokemon Go like I normally do and was surprised to receive a notification for a nearby raid event starting... at a brand new gym down the street that was not there when I went to sleep (and it was unclaimed, so guess who hopped on that shit).

This is not the first new gym I've seen since the gym update, since I've noticed that several former pokestops in the towns I regularly visit have been turned into gyms with the update, but these were all transformed when the old gym system was down for the rework. This just popped up yesterday.

On the way to work, I was also met with several new pokestops that had similarly popped up on the trails, as well as another new gym at one of the overlooks that, again, was not there earlier, (and again was also unclaimed, but it's in a service dead zone and I was unable to claim it because my service wigged out).

Apparently, Ingress had gotten an update that added new portals, and since Pokemon Go's maps are a direct import from Ingress's, that means that Pokemon Go got some new stops and gyms too. Which is pretty fucking cool.

Also I thought I had a pattern figured out as to when raid battles spawned, and the gym closest to me seems to spawn them every twenty-six hours... while the one down the road (on the map, it's the active raid with the Wheezing) has spawned twice in the last twenty-four hours, so maybe they each have their own individual spawn rates? I just evolved a Wheezing the other day so I really have no reason to walk down and do that raid battle, so I'm waiting for the one behind my house to hatch and I'm going to do that one. I only get one free raid pass a day and I really don't want to buy another one.

EDIT: It has been a little over three hours since I posted this and in that time, the gym with the active raid battle on the map has since spawned another raid, AND another gym has popped up a block over with another raid battle starting in a few minutes. It is unclaimed and I am literally running down to claim it.

EDIT 2: There's a new pokestop behind my house that wasn't there ten minutes ago, and I got chased by my neighbor's rooster on the way home.
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I've been trying to dig my way out of this art block, which lead to doodling, which lead to whatever these are.

While trying to color these, I have since learned that my white ink pad and white gel pen have dried out and that my markers are on their way out as well. Prismacolors, unfortunately, are not refillable like copics, but they can be reconstituted with rubbing alcohol, but that only goes so far and I will, at some point, have to replace several hundred dollars worth of markers.
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images under cut to avoid dash stretching )

I don't have a full opinion yet, seeing as I was the first one to claim the gym behind my house and I'm the only team valor person within five miles (literally everyone in town is team mystic), but I immediately obtained a gym badge as soon as I dropped my dragonite in, and you can also spin the photo disc to obtain the same items you'd normally receive from pokestops, which is pretty awesome because, since I can reach both the gym and the pokestop from my bedroom, it means double the items for me.

Raid battles seem to still be unavailable, and I'm as of yet unsure how gym battles work now, aside from what I've read online, but hell this is still pretty cool.

The downside:

Do we not get defender bonuses anymore????
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I briefly mentioned the other day an ad on youtube chronicling the discovery of a mummified extraterrestrial and one of the channels I subscribe to just posted a critical viewpoint on the whole thing and its likeliness to actually be a hoax, and I think it's worth a watch.
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It's one thing to go through your old art tag on tumblr and cringe. But wHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.

I don't remember when or why this particular image came into existence, but I vaguely remember trying to make one with squidward as well.
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The charging port on my ipod had been slowly and continuously getting more difficult to connect over the last few months and it finally stopped working, and now it's got maybe half of a charge left and after that goes, the ipod is gone. Dead. Finito. I transferred any important notes over to my phone and now it's time to mourn the death of the best protective case I ever had.

The only real reason I was still using it was to store my music so that I still had space in my phone in which to record video when it comes to youtube (which I have not been doing, which I plan on rectifying sometime this week), and luckily I still have my old 3rd gen ipod laying around (still in good condition, even if the software is so obsolete that I can't even update the OS), so I synced my music over and decided to go digging to see what I could find buried in the depths of my old ipod.

I found buttloads of old fanfiction, unfinished and unpublished.

Buttloads of old fanfition that show promise and could possibly be tweaked and finished... if I had a fucking clue where where I was going with them.

minor nsfw-ish fic synopsys )... and that's it. The fic ends there. There was most definitely supposed to be something behind it, usually it's something that goes hilariously wrong when it comes to my PWPs, but I didn't leave myself any sort of reminder as to what direction it was supposed to be going.
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I was digging through the notes in my phone and came across this au idea that I don't remember ever writing but am still in love with the idea of, so here's a self-indulgent hitman au.

warning for some violence beneath the cut )
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...if you continue showing us six-minute videos as advertisements detailing scientists studying what appears to be a real-life, non-hoaxed mummified extraterrestrial, that some people would be more likely to watch the ads all the way through.
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One of my tumblr friends has the "werewolf" url and has been using it for quite a while now. They used to get the occasional "I'll give you money if you give me your url" messages but in the last few weeks those messages have been exploding to an annoying volume. Like earlier someone offered them the "wiccan" url in exchange for the "werewolf" url, and if they'd actually been wiccan they probably would have considered it.

I suggested that they start replying to those messages with this:

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We moved into this house in january shortly after the previous tennant passed away.

I'm not as adverse to using her real name on here as opposed to a nickname as I usually am since she's not here anymore; her name was Pam, and she was my town's historian and the head of the historical society before it disbanded a few years ago. She died late last year of brain cancer.

We've been having issues with our central air since it started getting hot enough outside to need it, and mostly we've been suffering, mainly using a few high-powered fans to fend off heat stroke because none of us wanted to bother the landlord with anything else that needed fixing, since they were the ones that lended us the money for the car and we owe them enough as it is.

The other day we caved and let the landlord know it wasn't working, and he promptly sent someone out to fix it.

Good old Pam, it is so very much like her to give us a hard time, even in death. The heating guy told us that he'd been out two years ago to fix the problems that Pam had been having with the furnace and the central air unit and had pinpointed it to the thermostat. He'd offered to replace the thermostat, and Pam outright refused because, and get this, because she had something that she stuck into the thermostat's circuitboards to make it work.

But alas, two years later, with no Pam to show us how she bypassed it, we were left with a broken thermostat and useless central air unit, so yes, we told the heating guy to replace it.

So, about an hour later, we had a new thermostat and working air conditioning, and apparently, a disapproving Pam.

Later that night, my mom saw her walking down the hallway, in a white nightgown. She sad that she passed right in front of my door and disappeared into the laundry room.

She told me this, and we're both a little confused, as we never pegged her to be the "spectral lady in a white gown" type of ghost; we would expect her to appear in one of the period costumes she wore on a regular basis.

But yeah, that's my family's latest paranormal occurrence.
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Everything has come crashing down over the last month, with my wages being garnished and all the bullshit with the car. I have $30 to my name and my internet is coming up with that "pay your fucking bill" message that Spectrum throws at you about two days before cutting your service, and you know, it's just hitting me that, I'm a fucking witch, I have the ability to change all of this right the fuck around, so I think I might spend my day doing that and fixing this mess of a financial crisis.

This is also a reminder, both to myself and anyone else reading, that magic is finicky and tricky, and if you just put out into the universe, "I will make money," that the universe will find any source it can if you don't specify where you want it to come from.

Just ask my mother, who once cast a simple money spell and burned all of the skin off of her fingertips with incorrectly labeled nail polish removal. The universe gave her the opportunity to make money off of a lawsuit; an opportunity that she did not take because it was immoral in her eyes.
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So the car is sitting at the shop until we have the funds to get it fixed or even looked at (and we're praying it's not the head gasket).

One of my mom's coworkers just bought a new vehicle, so he sold us his station wagon for $400. It runs a little loud and a little rough, but it's still in good enough shape to get us back and forth until we can afford to fix the buick, and then the station wagon will be our backup vehicle which is something we've been needing for years to be honest.

Plus, as soon as I'm able to finally get my fucking driver's license before something terrible happens to the car which always fucking happens, I'll be able to get a second job somewhere to help with bills.

Also, I'm fucking sick on top of everything else.
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“Well, I wanted to make sure that it went off and worked,” said a somewhat proud and nervous Jimmie Barstad. “So I really stuffed that thing with everything flammable I could find. I just didn’t think gasoline would explode like that. I thought it would work more like the lighter fluid on my Weber grill. So the explosion scared the heck out of everyone. We’re still picking up pieces of Dad all over Cascade Shores.”

Click here for an article about a family's DIY Viking funeral gone hilariously wrong.
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Work moving Bear into another department in april cost me $1500, because my piece of shit car was worth no more than scrap metal because the coolant system was fucked, and Bear had been my ride to and from work while I tried to save up for a new car, so I had to drop $1500 I didn't have on a new vehicle.

My wages are being garnished because of back taxes because my workplace's organizational skills are shit and my school district does not exist in their system.

And this morning, that vehicle we just dropped $1500 on just broke down.

I hate everything.
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How is it possible that someone can leave a frozen item sitting on a lane somewhere at work for twenty minutes and it's soft and soggy and has to be written off because it's damaged and can no longer be consumed.

But then I pull my lunch for work out of my freezer at 9:15 pm before I leave for work, and when I go to take my lunch break at 5am, a full eight hours later, and my food is still frozen solid and inedible?

Do the freezer gods just hate me?
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I made a post on tumblr a while back on some things that people tend to forget where sigil work is involved, and I got an ask from someone asking to clarify something in the post about activating sigils, and I figure, since this was supposed to act as a blog of shadows of sorts in addition to everything else, that I should probably post it here too.

there be witches in these woods )
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I have a thing that happened the other night at work that I have been trying to write about; that I have been trying to write about since monday, that I am nowhere even close to finishing because a). the actual story is so fucking long and my salt and sarcasm levels are way off the charts, and I've just been very meh when it comes to writing. Which is one of several reasons why I decided to slowly start migrating back over to livejournal, and subsequently, here on dreamwidth because I feel obligated to write much more than the one-liners I shit out over on tumblr.

But writer's block is a fucking bitch, and being a procrastinator on top of it...

I took some fic requests on tumblr a few weeks ago, and while I've managed to get some words out with a few of the prompts I was given, as soon as I stopped writing for whatever reason, I've not been able to pic it back up and the fics are just sitting there, waiting for me to finish them, and I just can't do it.

I bought one of these several months ago on a whim at work. Each page has a simple story starter at the top and the goal is to take it from there and to write a story for each prompt. I have yet to even touch this book.

I think I might challenge myself to write out one or two stories from this book a week, partly because a). writing by hand is terrible and I hate it and I need to get over this, and b). I might be able to actually finish a story, even if it's just something short and stupid.
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Thomas Sanders, a bi(pan?)sexual: gets asked a question about asexuality and responds that yes, he supports ace/aros and that their identities are valid and that they are in fact not straight.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders is a raging homophobe that supports cishets invading LGBT+ spaces!

Thomas Sanders: says he doesn't mind people drawing nsfw art of him and encourages his fans to explore this side of their creativity as long as they are of age.

Thomas Sanders: reblogs nsfw fanart of himself that was drawn by a minor without realizing it, and then deletes it and apologizes for it when it was brought to his attention, and again, emphasizes to please only create it if you are over the age of eighteen.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders exploits minors and actively encourages minors to draw nsfw fanart of himself!

Me: Tumblr, you had such good premise you could be such an amazing blogging platform why are you like this what happened.
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Before I forget that this happened; I had a minor paranormal experience when I got out of the shower last night.

We bathed the dogs the other day, so there's a coffee mug sitting on the ledge of the bathtub that was used to rinse off the dogs that we just haven't put in the kitchen sink.

Generally, when I get out of the shower, I drape a towel on the edge of the tub and across the floor, sit down, and wrap myself in towels to dry off before I get dressed and get ready for work. And this coffee mug is sitting about a foot to my right.

And as I am sitting there playing on my phone (downloading Magikarp Jump was a mistake), I hear what sounds like ceramic rattling to my right.

I look over at the mug and the noise stops. There are no towels anywhere near the mug, it's just sitting there, chillin' on the ledge, with literally nothing anywhere near it. I go back to playing on my phone, and I hear the noise again. Again, I look over and it stops.

I repeat this a few more times, until I look over at it, and it slides two inches toward me. Untouched by anything.

I got dressed very quickly, ended up putting my pants on backward, and finally took that mug and put it in the kitchen sink.


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