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2016-07-20 09:34 am

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| 29 | they/them | agender | greyacearo (pan) | chaote/witch |

-Most content is public. Can get nsfw. I'm more likely to follow blogs with similar interests or fandoms (especially blogs with darker themes, such as the paranormal/occult and goth blogs), but it's not limited to just those things. Keep in mind, I won't always follow you back, and as such, I do not expect anyone to follow me back just because I followed first.

-I'm not granting journal access, simply because everything is public and there's really no reason to. However, if this changes and I go friends only for any reason, I will go through and grant everybody access so they can still read my journal.

-I'm a reader, and while I can't seem to make myself sit down long enough to read a book nowadays, I do spend an embarrassing about of time reading personal blogs and fanfiction. If you noticed me subscribing, it's because I was reading your blog and something struck a chord, maybe it's in your writing style, or if our interests are similar, or maybe I found some of your fiction (original or fanfiction) and enjoyed it.

-I am a writer, artist, and wannabe youtuber, and I hope that if you enjoy my content, that you subscribe and join me on my endeavors.

-If you're an anti, just save yourself the time and trouble and go elsewhere.

-You do not have to ask to subscribe. My blog is 99% public, so if you like what you see, go ahead and follow.

-I do post a lot about witchcraft and other occult topics, so if that's not your thing, or you feel it's against your religion, you probably shouldn't subscribe.

-Keep your acephobia and transphobia far, far away from me.

-I will not follow if you don't respect trigger warnings. The only thing I personally ask that you keep under a cut with a warning is trypophobia-inducing images (holey skin, wasp/hornet nests, lotus pods, clusters of googly eyes, etc.). I know trypophobia isn't classified as a true phobia, but it does still affect me negatively, for reasons. Really stupid reasons, but still reasons.

-Oh, also gore. Please keep gore under a cut. I used to have a stomach of steel, and I don't know what happened over the last few years but it only takes one gory image to fuck me up for days.

-I keep all of my nsfw content (fic and fanart) under a cut, but seeing as I am still editing old posts in this blog, keep in mind that if you dig really far back you may find things that aren't cut that I haven't fixed yet.

-I do vague a lot, but it's 90% irl stuff and 10% tumblr stuff, so if vagueing makes you uncomfortable for any reason, you probably shouldn't subscribe.

-I don't comment very much, unless I have something important to add or I'm comfortable conversing with you, so don't take it personally if I don't comment on a post or reply to your comment. Anxiety is a bitch. Also, I won't whine if you don't comment on my entries. You are welcome to be a lurker if you like.

-I know I have a lot of... cringey material years back on this blog (especially concerning "yaoi" based posts, and art involving white characters with dreadlocks). I've deleted a lot because looking at it made me want to find a time machine and beat myself up, but keep in mind that 2012 me and 2017 me are two entirely different people, and I've certainly grown past that. On the same note, if I'm doing something offensive, go ahead and let me know but please be tactful about it.

-I'm an sjw, but not an SJW™ if you know what I mean. I am socially aware, but tumblr-style radical politics are toxic and I prefer to not involve myself in them. You have a right to your opinion, but equally so, if you're doing something I find offensive, I have the right to not associate myself with you.

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2016-07-20 10:56 am

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2017-07-24 10:53 am
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I haven't drawn monster girls in a while.
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2017-07-23 07:57 am
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Another lugia raid has spawned at a gym around the block and I will never be able to take it down by myself but we all know I'm gonna fucking try anyway.
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2017-07-23 07:30 am
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2017-07-22 06:57 am

(no subject)

There is nothing more terrifying than watching every cart in the parking lot zip across the parking lot at top speed during a thunderstorm... and nothing more satisfying than seeing that not a single one of them crashed into a parked car along the way.
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2017-07-20 11:05 am
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Idk what that last pokemon go update did to the game textures but my dragonite looks like it wants to eat my soul.
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2017-07-20 08:36 am
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Are there any old-time LJers here that remember Writer's Block? I really wish dreamwidth would implement some sort of feature like that, because it gave people something to post about when they have nothing else to write about. Things have been bland and boring lately and I've been going nearly a week between posting at times because there's literally nothing to post about, and I really hate going dark for so long. I need to dig up some daily challenges or something to keep my posting consistent.
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2017-07-19 05:11 pm

(no subject)

That akusai drawing I posted the other day has gotten one hundred notes on tumblr so far and it feels super validating because it's been a long time since something I drew got anything more than twenty notes and it feels so good.
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2017-07-19 12:32 am

just little skyrim things

-that thing where you jump up onto something and the falling animation doesn't cut out and you kinda just float around flapping your arms like a sad bird.

-when you're just chilling and a dragon spawns nearby, and you kinda just absorb its soul before even starting the battle and then you have to battle a dragon skeleton.

-invisible dragons.

-that time that chief yamarz moonwalked through the entirety of riften.

-that time when my brother was doing meridia's quest and she lifted him high up above haafingar to congratulate him and give him dawnbreaker, and instead of gently floating him back down to the ground, she fuckin dropped him like a rock and he died.

-when you kill a bandit and they continue to just walk, usually into a wall.

-random floating weapons in random places.

-when you fast travel into a giant camp and a mammoth spawns like a hundred feet in the air and then splats down onto the ground.

-glowing farm houses.

-that time when all of the water in hjaalmarch just... kinda disappeared and all of the fish were just swimming in the air.

-invisible mountains.

-also clipping through mountains.

-that time on solstheim when the dead guard in front of the old attius farm's armor just floated up into the sky and left him naked on the ground.
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2017-07-17 09:56 am

(no subject)

Did you ever spend four days lazily coloring in the background of a drawing with a black gel pen because you’re committed to a piece’s Aesthetic™, only to remember 2/3 of the way through that you have a brush pen, and not just any brush pen, but the same exact brush pen you used to lineart the drawing in the first place, and that just filling in the background with that would have been infinitely easier? No? Just me?

Anyway, this was supposed to be one of those cliche “day and night” type things, and I thought it would be neat to try and replicate these drawings in their hair, but it just turned out looking like they had terrible dreadlocks, which is definitely not what I was going for.
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2017-07-17 08:35 am

(no subject)

Now I really like Klance, don't get me wrong. It has literally every trope that I love in my ships, but the extent that some of the fanbase is reaching to try and prove that it's canon is ridiculous. Klance is not canon, and probably won't be canon, just enjoy your ship for what it is for god's sake.
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2017-07-16 11:39 am


I think that some people forget that we have characters such as Riku and Lea, who did some things far worse than Saix ever did, who have either gotten a full redemption arc or are in the process of going through theirs.

Riku, like Saix, was a vessel for Xehanort's heart, who let his own jealousy and need for freedom consume him, and therefore opened himself up to Ansem/Xehanort's influence. He was able to overcome this, and Sora forgave him. The fandom forgave him. Riku did some fucked up shit in KH1, felt bad about it, and was a fully redeemed character by the end of KH2.

And Lea. As Axel, he did his fair share of bad things, usually for selfish reasons or because Saix told him to do it. Hell, I do still think his entire redemption arc is fueled by his own selfish reasons, because that fits his character, and again, the fandom has forgiven him.

So why doesn't Saix/Isa deserve forgivness?
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2017-07-16 08:48 am
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On one hand, I've been really into dark, fucked up fiction lately and i kinda want to give killing stalking a read-through.

On the other...

...Sangwoo looks like Jean from attack on titan with bad eyeliner and I can't unsee it.
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2017-07-13 08:15 am
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My ringlight just kinda... threw itself off of my desk.

I mean it's possible that it was the wind; I had my blinds and window open to let in some air, and it's storming and rather windy outside, but I've had my window open in similar weather before and it's never fallen over before. Plus it flew rather far.
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2017-07-11 11:44 am
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i just really like weird bugs

cut for really big really cool bug )

So I went over to the restaurant behind the house for food, and my mom was telling me about "the NOPE! on the front porch," which lead me to this guy.

With some googling, I found out it's a dobsonfly, and this one is a male. The mandibles on the male are primarily for mating and much too large for the insect to bite with, but the female has much smaller mandibles and can actually draw blood if it bites you. Apparently there was a female on the front door when they were trying to open, but someone killed it.

Well I went inside and ate and did my googling, determined that the bug was safe to touch and wasn't going to bite my finger off, but when I came back outside to see if I could handle it and get a photo of it in my hand, it was no longer there.
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2017-07-10 12:52 am

Some retail things that really should be common sense at this point

-I understand that sometimes you're in a hurry whike using the toilet and that sometimes you may get a little bit of poop on your hand, but the store supplies a sink and hand soap for you to use so please dispose of your hand poop using that instead of wiping it on the bathroom door.

-I understand that sometimes moistening your finger to seperate your bills is necessary. A little unsanitary, but I can sanitize my hands. However, there is a huge difference between just moistening your finger and slobbering all over everything, so please make that distinction so that way I don't have to touch your wet, slimy twenty dollar bill thanks
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2017-07-08 12:47 pm

(no subject)

Maybe you should keep to your own business instead of worrying what that BNF is doing with their own time and patreon.
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2017-07-02 11:44 am

poor unfortunate souls | art

fairly bloody drawing of ghostly fictional characters under the cut )

These scribbles are a few months old, and I found them when I found the witch!namine lineart, and I slapped some color on them really quick. I mostly wanted some color so I could define Naminé’s wounds, and I colored Roxas just because.

This is for my Liber Nox AU.

more details... again cut for violence and character death )
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2017-07-02 07:11 am

gotta love that pollen

So I sent my other cashier to her lunch break at about 1am last night, and I took over the order she was ringing up so she could go.

The lady we were ringing up was absolute hell wrapped up in a suburban mom meat skin, from pulling clearance tags off of other items and sticking them on the things she wanted (like, lady I've been here long enough to know that just finding the "$8.00" portion of the clearance sticker messily ripped apart and stuck over the item tag price is shady as fuck), and she wasn't understanding why I couldn't take the sale coupons that specifically state that you can take $15 off of ONE SINGLE ITEM of $74.99 or more and apply it to her entire order, but that's not what this story is about.

This story is about a flower.

One of those pretty lilies, the pink and white ones with the gigantic flowers that smell really really pretty.

She had one of those, and I could smell it from all the way down the conveyor belt, and when it finally came up to where I could scan it, I made a comment about how good I think they smell.

"I love these," I said. "If I could, I would tie one around my neck just so I could smell it all the time." And then I smelled it really quick, scanned it, and set it in her cart.

The entire transaction goes through, with some arguing over the coupons, but I get her rung out and on her way.

My other cashier comes back from her lunch, takes one look at me, and tells me that I have something on my chin. I wipe my hand over my chin, and my hand comes back yellow.

There was pollen all over my face, from my chin all the way down my neck.

This lady went the entire transaction, looking me in the face the entire time.

Like, gee thanks for letting me know that I HAD POLLEN ALL OVER MY FACE.
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2017-07-01 08:23 am

on frogs and lizards

cut for discussion involving a dead frog )

But, in my googling to try and find out what species this frog is, I did find out something pretty cool that I did not know prior, and that's that Ohio has lizards. Apparently, we have five-lined skinks, broad-head skinks, and ground skinks.

The last time I'd seen lizards in the wild was when I was like eight years old, and my uncle took me to disney world with them. There were brown anoles everywhere and I spent quite a lot of my trip trying to catch one, and failing miserably. I had no idea that Ohio even had a climate that could support any type of lizard, and now it's on my bucket list to find at least one out in the wild.

Also unrelated but not really: when I was about ten, my dad had bought me a few green anoles as pets, and in school, we had daily journals we had to do that had to be turned in and graded. I often wrote about my lizards, and my teacher always redlined and corrected "anoles" to "animals," and this got on my nerves like nothing else. I started including "a small lizard" in parentheses any time I mentioned my anoles, and she still wasn't getting the hint. I even once added at the beginning of a journal entry "an anole is a lizard please stop changing it to "animals" and she even crossed out the "anole" in that sentence and added "animal" in. It took me drawing several random animals at the bottom of my journal entry with the label "animals" and a lizard with the label "anole. An anole is also an animal, but this lizard is called an anole" before she finally stopped correcting it.
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2017-06-30 01:55 pm

that's what DiZ calls me... | art

Lol this was supposed to be a halloween drawing like two years ago; i drew the lineart then and forgot about it until i found it like an hour ago, so I colored it real quick.

Some witch!Naminé because why the fuck not.