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Now I really like Klance, don't get me wrong. It has literally every trope that I love in my ships, but the extent that some of the fanbase is reaching to try and prove that it's canon is ridiculous. Klance is not canon, and probably won't be canon, just enjoy your ship for what it is for god's sake.


Jul. 16th, 2017 11:39 am
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I think that some people forget that we have characters such as Riku and Lea, who did some things far worse than Saix ever did, who have either gotten a full redemption arc or are in the process of going through theirs.

Riku, like Saix, was a vessel for Xehanort's heart, who let his own jealousy and need for freedom consume him, and therefore opened himself up to Ansem/Xehanort's influence. He was able to overcome this, and Sora forgave him. The fandom forgave him. Riku did some fucked up shit in KH1, felt bad about it, and was a fully redeemed character by the end of KH2.

And Lea. As Axel, he did his fair share of bad things, usually for selfish reasons or because Saix told him to do it. Hell, I do still think his entire redemption arc is fueled by his own selfish reasons, because that fits his character, and again, the fandom has forgiven him.

So why doesn't Saix/Isa deserve forgivness?
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Maybe you should keep to your own business instead of worrying what that BNF is doing with their own time and patreon.
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It's amazing how quickly an anti can take this:

And turn it into this:

a little image heavy under the cut. also cut for abuse mentions )

I've managed to stay out of most of the kingdom hearts discourse, which is amazing because I have 1000+ followers on that blog and I used to be a huge akuroku fan, but on occasion, I still get those anons and I just...

Yes, my fave is problematic. Get over it.

Oh, and then the next morning, I got this:

Like if I wasn't so horribly addicted to the content I consume on tumblr, and if I didn't have so many friends over there, I probably would have deleted my tumblr a long time ago. Fandom on tumblr is so fucking toxic and I hate it.
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To be completely honest, I... don't really like the idea of akuroku month.

It worked fine and dandy in 2013 because, yenno, 8/13, but people kept continuing it year after year and it just kinda seems like overkill???? Like we have akuroku day already but spreading it out over a full month is too much.

The only reason akusai month doesn't bother me is because

1.) Their numbers are consecutive and the dates they fall on have a full month in between them.

and 2.) because literally 99% of the new content we get for this ship for the entire year comes out of akusai month.

So, akuroku fandom, chillax maybe?
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I was scrolling through the akuroku search on mobile and i saw someone send an anon to another person because “if you’re not drawing akuroku why put it in the tag lol delete your misfire” (not in those exact words but you get the picture)

And here’s the thing.

They did not put it in the akuroku tag.

It was not tagged #akuroku.

If you saw it then you were using the search system and not the tag system. Either use xkit’s classic tags extention or track “#akuroku” (with the hashtag). Or block the person.

Sure, the person in question could have aku///r/oku-ed instead to keep it out of the search, and that is on them, but not sending pointless hate to someone for mentioning that they’re not going to do commissions for something that makes them uncomfortable is on you.

Quietly block and move on, or alter your tracked tags or xkit settings. Please stop fanning the flames on this stupid ship war.
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Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Sometimes akuroku shippers can be so fucking pretentious like, you’re gonna start shouting “fuck you” and calling people dickwads because they’re drawing your otp more than you are? Seriously?
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So, I'd say between like third grade and sixth grade, my major fandom was the Beetleborgs and me and my sister and my next door neighbor each had individual favourite Beetleborgs and mine was the green Beetleborg and in fourth grade, there was this boy in my class and he liked the Beetleborgs and his favourite was also the green Beetleborg and I seriously had a crush on him simply because of that fact.

Even my crushes are dictated by fandom.
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Sometimes I really hate the writers of the X-Files because we spend the entire series learning to hate the Cigarette Smoking Man and then we get the occasional episode where we have to sympathize with him and that he's just an ordinary man and oh god why do my favourite shows have to give me all these feels, even if they're not romantic feels.
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I figured it would probably be a good idea to get the last of the ideas I had for Kingdom Hearts fanart out of my head before I officially call it quits on the fandom, so here's a little bit of what to expect here in the near future:

A little bit of pr0ns involving Demyx, Zexion and a video game controller.

A little bit of pr0ns with Axel and Reno. I'm not sure if I want to make it a continuation of the "Mein Fuhrer" drawing or not.

Cybergoth Larxene, drawn out to match the song "Skinny Little Bitch" by Angelspit.

My AkuRoku day drawing, which I'll leave you all in the dark about that one for a while longer.

I still have to finish kiribans, there's one from over a year ago that I need to finish that involved Organization XIII at a cookout and then there's the "Hacker (Hacked)" lineart that I have to finish coloring now that I have a tablet and a slightly better understanding of how to use GIMP.

I plan on coloring the last batch of requests, if only for the fact that I want to experiment a little bit more with this new gradient coloring style I've started using.

I made a post a while back about some older drawings that I wanted to completely redo, though thus-far all the ideas I have for redoing them involve other characters from other fandoms (namely Kuroshitsuji and my own OC's. My "friends Only" banner is basically a redo of my "AkuRoku: Cyber" drawing)

I want to re-trace "Cold Hard Cash" as a lineart without the extra shading and color it, because I've always wanted a colored version of that drawing.

I've got an awesome idea to illustrate the "Sittin' in a Bar" song by Rehab involving Axel, Larxene and a flaming car, though that one may still be a long ways away.


May. 2nd, 2010 01:36 am
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So, the other night at work, I was covering the Media guy's lunch break, and I happened to come across the Pokedex for the newest HeartGold and SoulSilver games, and I looked at the front cover, and was deeply disturbed when I didn't recognize a single Pokemon they had printed on the cover.

When I was in middleschool, I was absolutely obsessed with Pokemon, and by obsessed, I mean I had hand-drawn each and every Pokemon from their pictures on the cards and had made myself a new wallpaper for my bedroom that stayed up until the day we moved out of Otisville. I had my own original Team Rocket characters and Pokemon trainers that I drew on a regular basis. And guess what my Barbies did when I still played with them? They trained Pokemon!

Two people who should remember my Pokemon obsessiveness are bellybooger15 and lunarcrescendo since by default, bellybooger15 has to deal with me anyway since she's my sister and lunarcrescendo was my next door neighbor through grades seven through ten. If I remember correctly, lunarcrescendo was the one who introduced me to romantic fan fiction. So Dave, I'm blaming you for all the porn I've been writing XD

I think I dropped interest sometime around the introduction of the second Pokemon movie when they started introducing new Pokemon outside of the original 151, and I stopped watching the cartoon soon after the Jhoto (is it spelled right? I really don't care) series began, and I stopped collecting the cards (Every time I went to the mall, I bought at least twenty dollars worth of booster packs from Spencers, since at that time, Spencers was the only place wherr you could find them) although I still have them somewhere. I think Kara said she has them...

But it's getting rediculous; they're almost at five hundred now, and you hardly get a glimpse at any of the original ones anymore, which is kinda frustrating for those of us who aren't all that into them anymore but still get that nostalgic feeling when we see it. I remember when Eevee only had three evolutions, what are these other Pokemon that supposedly evolved as well? I remember when there were certain Pokemon that didn't evolve, and now they have babies and new evolutions that didn't exist back when I was a kid. And does anyone remeber Pokemon Snap?

My brain hurts...


In unrelated news:

--Clifton is completely overrun with snakes; the Mill especially. Jim volunteered himself to catch them and relocate them. Unfortunately, his idea of relocating them involves finding the kids in the gorge getting high, and dropping them on top of their heads.

--Puppy hugs hurt.

--Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.

--I'm off of work for four days! ^.^ I'm drawing tons of shit and getting a bit of work done on fics. I've even began yet another one, but I'm not posting it until I'm sure that I'm not going to have problems with it like everything else.
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Well, since there are children of all ages surfing the internet, yes, I think websites containing adult content should post warnings.


There are still sites out there that specifically say "NO adult content" for example, fanfiction.net, but every other story I click on constitutes as pornography (or close to). I honestly don't mind it in the least, but yes, there should be warnings.

I don't think this inhibits free expression, considering you're going to find it online anyway, and again, I'm placing fanfiction.net as an example, people are going to post that stuff anyway, regardless what the rules say. Stuff with adult content was specifically made for adults, not children, and putting warnings on those sites that contain it will make it easier for parents who fear that pornography/drug use/etc. is going to corrupt their children (or fill the computer with viruses) to put up the "parental block" that I so badly hated in high school.

Some sites have an option to filter mature content (deviantART), which works as well... regarding you don't have a dA account. I've got stories that are filtered specifically for deviants 18+, and I still have kids as young as thirteen faving and commenting.
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... and it pissed me off.

Why is it, that when you get really attached to a character, be it in a game, anime, movie, whatever, they gotta go and kill them off? I'm gonna be brooding over Xion for days now, partially because I got very attacaxelhed (Edit; many years later: I know that's supposed to say "attached" but how did I heck up that badly) to her and I'm PMS-ing like hell.

I have an entire list of character deaths that pissed me off, and still do every time I see them.

Aerith Gainsborough: Aerith made me very very happy. Aerith-ke-bob, not so much.

Maes Hughes: I think everyone who has ever watched Full Metal Alchemist probably cried when they killed off Hughes. It was so uncalled for...

The Main Character from Persona 3: I think I sulked the longest after this one. It's not so apparent that he actually dies at the end of The Journey, and I probably would have fared better had I not started The Answer right away. Now I can see if he had maybe died at the end of the battle with Nyx, but waiting a whole fucking month and killing him off for no reason? I fucking hate you for that one, Atlus!

Axel: TT^TT I think that's all I have to say for that one.

Mako Ando: This one's sorta up there with Aerith. I almost threw my DSi across the room when they killed off Mako half-way through Lux-Pain.

Aslan: Yeah, I know he didn't really die, but I was just a little kid and I still cried over it.

Shinjiro Aragaki: Another one from P3F. He was one of my favorite characters to bring through Tartarus, and he had that same bad-ass attutude that makes Axel so alluring. So when they killed him off, I sulked.

Sara Mudo: I've only read four volumes so far of Angel Sanctuary, and I got very sad when Sara died for Setsuna. I've read far enough to where he decends to the underworld to try and get her back, but my local bookstore hasn't had number five in yet and I'm very persnickity (yes, that is a word in Spoony's dictionary) about reading them in order, so don't spoil it for me, okay?

Dream: I checked out every Sandman book from the library and read them all in order, and when Lyta sent the Kindly Ones after Morpheus, I threw the book across the room. I prolly would have been more pissed off if it was Delirium though, because out of all the Endless, she's my favorite ^.^

Sirius Black: Again, another "Throw the book across the room" moment. And then my mom read it and did the same thing.

Dumbledore: Out of all the character deaths, this one had to be the most unexpected. I seriously thought Dumbledore was immortal or something. pparently not.

Well, since I've pretty much rattled my brain now, I guess I'll leave it here for now, and get back to sulking over Xion.


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