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My ringlight just kinda... threw itself off of my desk.

I mean it's possible that it was the wind; I had my blinds and window open to let in some air, and it's storming and rather windy outside, but I've had my window open in similar weather before and it's never fallen over before. Plus it flew rather far.

it howled

Jun. 28th, 2017 04:45 am
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Okay, so I've been sitting down in my bedroom with the lights off, watching paranormal videos on youtube; which is mistake number one, because I've already provided myself with the means to royally freak myself out.

It did not start out this way. I started by watching mixed media art videos, with the lights off to keep my electric bill down. It's also a nice night out, so I opened my blinds and opened my window to let the cool air in.

It's no secret that there's some sort of entity in my backyard. I noticed it immediately after moving in, because whatever it is likes to stare in through my bedroom window and through the kitchen windows. My dog has refused to go outside at night because of it, and it's the eeriest feeling. I thought I've felt eyes on me in old haunted houses I've lived in in the past, but this is just like, an extreme version of this feeling. I don't think this entity is actually tied to my backyard per say; I do however think it's land-based and haunts not only my backyard, but the woods and properties directly surrounding where I live.

But in the last few months since we've moved in, those feelings have diminished by a lot. I can keep my blinds open at night and cook in the kitchen at 3am now without that creepy feeling of eyes on me for the most part; that's not to say it doesn't still watch us, it's just sated its initial curiosity and only shows up on occasion to see what's going on. And I think that's exactly what was happening when we moved in; we were a bunch of strangers, and it was curious and nosy and wanted to know what was going on.

But those mixed media art videos I was watching turned into me checking out a new 3am challenge video that someone I subscribe to posted, which turned into watching other paranormal videos.

And just a few minutes ago, I heard something from the backyard.

It was like a howl. Or a scream. It sounded something similar to this wailing demon audio (beware, the noises in that clip are fairly disturbing). It didn't come from directly outside my window, it was distant, but still nearby.

I thought it was my imagination getting to me, considering I've been watching paranormal videos for the past hour, but I paused the video, and sure enough, I could still hear that howling outside.

And then, a moment after it went silent, I felt those eyes on me.

I have since closed the window, the blinds, and have turned the lights on.
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We moved into this house in january shortly after the previous tennant passed away.

I'm not as adverse to using her real name on here as opposed to a nickname as I usually am since she's not here anymore; her name was Pam, and she was my town's historian and the head of the historical society before it disbanded a few years ago. She died late last year of brain cancer.

We've been having issues with our central air since it started getting hot enough outside to need it, and mostly we've been suffering, mainly using a few high-powered fans to fend off heat stroke because none of us wanted to bother the landlord with anything else that needed fixing, since they were the ones that lended us the money for the car and we owe them enough as it is.

The other day we caved and let the landlord know it wasn't working, and he promptly sent someone out to fix it.

Good old Pam, it is so very much like her to give us a hard time, even in death. The heating guy told us that he'd been out two years ago to fix the problems that Pam had been having with the furnace and the central air unit and had pinpointed it to the thermostat. He'd offered to replace the thermostat, and Pam outright refused because, and get this, because she had something that she stuck into the thermostat's circuitboards to make it work.

But alas, two years later, with no Pam to show us how she bypassed it, we were left with a broken thermostat and useless central air unit, so yes, we told the heating guy to replace it.

So, about an hour later, we had a new thermostat and working air conditioning, and apparently, a disapproving Pam.

Later that night, my mom saw her walking down the hallway, in a white nightgown. She sad that she passed right in front of my door and disappeared into the laundry room.

She told me this, and we're both a little confused, as we never pegged her to be the "spectral lady in a white gown" type of ghost; we would expect her to appear in one of the period costumes she wore on a regular basis.

But yeah, that's my family's latest paranormal occurrence.
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Before I forget that this happened; I had a minor paranormal experience when I got out of the shower last night.

We bathed the dogs the other day, so there's a coffee mug sitting on the ledge of the bathtub that was used to rinse off the dogs that we just haven't put in the kitchen sink.

Generally, when I get out of the shower, I drape a towel on the edge of the tub and across the floor, sit down, and wrap myself in towels to dry off before I get dressed and get ready for work. And this coffee mug is sitting about a foot to my right.

And as I am sitting there playing on my phone (downloading Magikarp Jump was a mistake), I hear what sounds like ceramic rattling to my right.

I look over at the mug and the noise stops. There are no towels anywhere near the mug, it's just sitting there, chillin' on the ledge, with literally nothing anywhere near it. I go back to playing on my phone, and I hear the noise again. Again, I look over and it stops.

I repeat this a few more times, until I look over at it, and it slides two inches toward me. Untouched by anything.

I got dressed very quickly, ended up putting my pants on backward, and finally took that mug and put it in the kitchen sink.
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So apparently, either our ghost or the fairies don't like my brother's friend.

There is quite a lot of background where the fairies are concerned, and I do not have the patience to type that all out right now, so I'm going to direct you to this video that I posted around a year ago (the editing and quality is quite terrible, as this was before I figured out how to edit). I may type everything out in the future, but for now I'm just going to say that my mom has fairies and if you want any more information than that, you'll have to watch the video.

Okay, so anyway, we have been fighting with the smoke alarms all night.

That's not paranormal in itself, but just keep listening.

We're going to call my brother's friend "Hyper" for the sake of this story. My mom already doesn't like Hyper very much, mostly because a). the dogs don't like him and b). he keeps ignoring my mom's ground rules, which is basically just to stay out of my brother's weed (he smokes it to help control his mental illness) and to stay out of my brother's cigarettes. Which so far, Hyper has ignored each time he's come over. My brother's pot stash has dwindled, and there's a giant cloud of cigarette smoke that rolls out of my brother's room like a foggy night each time my mom opens my brother's door.

The fairies have a tendency to... get involved when there are stressors present that they don't like. They continuously bothered my brother for almost two months before his inevitable breakup with his girlfriend, and then there was the whole Doug disaster (explained in the video), but otherwise they tend to stay quiet. I might catch a glimpse of one darting up a wall (they tend to appear as black shadowy masses about the size of a rat) every so often, but otherwise I don't see very much of them. Which I am more than okay with, considering I still find them just as terrifying as ghosts.

I actually have a Scary Fairy story, but I'll post that at a later date.

The fairies tend to be very disruptive when there are things going on around the house that they, or my mom, do not like.

Things such as knocking on walls.

Harassing the animals.

...setting off smoke alarms.

The smoke alarms went off for the first time around 4am.

We have three of them; one in the kitchen, one in the hall, and one in front of my brother's bedroom door. The smoke alarms in the hall and in front of my brother's bedroom door were blaring, which of course woke my mom up, and I came out to see why they were screaming in the middle of the night; I figured it was probably my brother cooking something in the middle of the night, as he has a tendency to set off the smoke alarm in the kitchen when he does so.

My brother opens his door, and out rolls a cloud of cigarette smoke. We figure that's the culprit, my mom threatens Hyper's life if he lights up one more cigarette in the house, we silence the alarm, and she goes back to bed.

I figured that was the end of it. A one time fluke.

It wasn't.

This morning, Hyper gets up to get ready to leave. And what happens? You guessed it, the smoke alarms start blaring.

Open my brother's door?


No cigarette smoke. Or any other kind of smoke. There is nothing in the house on fire (I checked) and the batteries aren't dead, because smoke alarm batteries do not scream their fucking heads off when they're dead, nor would waving away the "smoke" silence them either.

Hyper leaves, and the alarms will not stop blaring.

We removed the batteries, because what else are we supposed to do, and I'm taking this as a sign that there is something going on that the fairies don't like.

Because fuck if my life can't be normal.


Nov. 28th, 2016 03:01 am
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I didn't actually have a nightmare, but I was just thinking about it and decided to jot this down.

I have some recurring themes where bad dreams and nightmares are concerned, like themes within themes.

The nightmares that make the biggest impression on me have paranormal themes, and i think this is mostly due to my interest in the paranormal, but the dreams that have the biggest impact from within the paranormal category, have to do with electronics.

Namely, electronics that still continue to function when unplugged.

I don't know why this is such a scary thing, but apparently my subconscious is afraid of it.
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Truthfully, the thought of an open space, like a forest or a cemetery, being haunted terrifies me more than the thought of my bedroom being haunted.

The other day I was in Foy's with my mom when she told me that she walked into my bedroom for something and something growled at her. I told her I'd have been mush happier not knowing that. BUt if she had told me about something ghostly happening in our front yard, I would have gladly shacked up with the ghost in my room and made it popcorn.

WIth a haunting indoors, if something paranormal happens in my bedroom, I can just get up, leave the room, and close the door behind me. The ghost is contained, the activity is contained - it could possibly follow me but it usually doesn't - and it's probably not going to be thee when I walk back in.

But outdoors, be it in my front yard, in a field of tombstones, or a forest thick with trees, you can't just walk into another room and close the door behind you. It is an open space and no matter where you run to, you are always vulnerable. There could be anything behind a tree or a tombstone or the corner of the building next door, and you'll never know until it's too late.

And it terrifies me.
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Throughout the house we have three crawlspaces; not really crawlspaces so much as almost like unfinished attic spaces, accessible through small doors located in the bathroom, my brother's room, and my closet. Think of the door from Coraline.

The crawlspace behind my closet is the largest, and shares a wall with my brother's bedroom (not the same crawlspace as the door in his room; that one is behind the living room).

Over the last few months, my brother has been telling us about something knocking at the wall by his bed from inside the crawlspace behind my closet. He occasionally knocks on his wall in an attempt to get the ghost to knock back, and so far it has not responded.

Last night, his girlfriend was over, and knocked on the wall.

It knocked back.

Oddly enough, I've never heard any noises coming from behind my closet, but it still unnerves me, you know?
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Sitting on the toilet listening to doors open and close in the house and someone walking from room to room.

I am home alone.

hearing a door open again and leaving the bathroom to come across a door that was previously closed when you walked by it the first time only to have it slam in your face when you go to investigate.

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Things I thought I needed in order to maintain a journal: pretty book with pretty paper that I'll likely fill up in no time.

Things i actually needed in order to maintain a journal: something mobile that i could keep on my person without lugging around a book and write in without people hanging over my shoulder like "WHATCHA WRITING?!"

I spent like ten minutes searching the app store for an appropriate journal app before remembering HERPDERP I HAVE THIS HANDY NOTES APP THAT CAME WITH THE IPOD YOU STUPID FUCK. (update: found an app where i can backdate entries, and subsequently, livejournal)

Mainly, I need someplace to vent that isn't the internet, and i need to get back into writing longer journal entries on a daily basis to try and improve my writing to where it was before I lost everything on my desktop computer. I have a book full of writing prompts to use if i have nothing of substance to write and maybe i can write a few drabbles or something, I dunno.

First thing's first, the apocalypse is officially here because my mother is legit considering using a ouija board to try and communicate with her ghosts. She has always been a die-hard "DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARD BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN" kind of person, but she's having difficulties communicating with the spirits around her and she's been reflecting on a memory of her childhood that's convincing her that maybe that's what she should be doing. I have yet to tell her about my own experiences with a ouija board, but I told her I'd supervise if she needed me to.

I have a ouija board print-out decorating the inside of a notebook that may possibly work with a small enough planchette, but I haven't attempted to use it. I have a possible need to use one for a reason that I'll get into in a minute, but my own conflictions with ouija boards have been stopping me.

I am a studying witch. Not practicing so much (not much more than a few sigils anyway) because my living space is way too cluttered and I literally have no room to work until i clean up all my shit, but a witch i am and a weenie at that.

I love the paranormal. I eould love to work with spirits. I have very little sensitivity and would like to open my third eyeand develop my psychic self and be able to see/communicate with spirits.

I am also terrified of them.

There are moments where paranormals activity doesn't phase me but 99% of the time I'm just like "fuck this shit i'm out" and i high-tail it outta there.

This is my conflict with ouija boards. I think they're the coolest things ever. I want ouija phone cases and t-shirts and all that jazz.

But i am also terrified of them.

Especially the prospect of sitting down and using one on my own. I'm not sure i could handle sitting there in a quiet room on my own while a planchette moves in my hands without any help from me at all.

But i had an experience a few weeks back (on 7/28) that i really need more information on. I was waiting on the ps3 to do something at 2am (or around then), and it was relatively silent in my room, except for the noise from my a/c unit and the fan. I was lying back, still awake but snoozing a little, when i heard a very faint voice.

It was a little girl, but she was so quiet, the only phrases i was able to make out were "I'm not talking to the man who hurt me," and "I'm the red cycle baby," the latter of which was repeated several times. I normally sleep with the tv on and other background noise, so i have no idea if she's been trying to talk to me the whole time, but i'm afraid to turn everything off and listen because of my weenieness where the paranormal is concerned.

So i am considering pulling this book out to use this miniature ouija board to maybe find out what she was trying to tell me.

And hope i don't get anything nasty instead.
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Over the last week or so, my ghost has been royally fucking with me and at this point its more minor to severe annoyances than anything really scary.

  • It has been resetting my alarm clock.

  • It keeps turning my TV off and on and changing the channel. It has been waiting until I go to bed and then waiting until I am almost asleep and then changing the channel to something loud and staticy.

  • Boxes and shit have been kicked around my room.

  • The other night there was a very bright ball of light outside my window. It was about the size of a softball and it flew past my window three times in a five minute period and then I never saw it again.

We picked up some white sage to do a smoke cleansing but I need to get some of the shit cleared out of my room first because if I light anything in my room I'm probably going to set the house on fire.
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I barely got any sleep yesterday, because something kept playing with my alarm clock and TV.

I'm very OCD over my alarm clock; I have been since high school, and I tend to check it fifty million times before I actually lay down to go to bed, making damn well sure that the "PM" light is lit up when I check the alarm time. I always set it for 7pm. No exceptions.

I went to bed around 10, and slept quite well, until my alarm started buzzing at noon. I was slightly annoyed, but got up to pee anyway, and came back into my room to go back to sleep and reset my alarm, again checking it fifty million times to make sure it said 7PM before I laid back down.

I didn't sleep very well after that, due to small distractions, such as the airplanes at the base, the dogs barking at everything that moved, and a thunderstorm that rolled in. Oh yeah, and the fact that my TV would be at normal volume one moment and the next I'm scrambling to turn it the fuck down because it kept adjusting itself on its own, ALL THE FUCKING WAY UP TO ITS MAXIMUM LEVEL and it was like a fucking airhorn in my ears.

Then, 7pm comes, and I'm still half awake and my mom calls my cell phone for whatever reason, and it was 7:05 pm. My alarm never went off, and I reached over to check it, and god damn if it didn't reset itself to 7am.

This is getting annoying real quick.
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I suppose it's a weird subject, being so close to Christmas and all, but I just spent the last, oh, five hours or so watching Paranormal State and all that shit on A&E, and it brought back so many memories; some of which don't bother me so much, and others I'd rather forget.

be aware. this gets loooong )Whoooo! I've been typing this out for nearly three hours now, so I guess I'll leave it at that.
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I suppose I'm writing this one just out of sheer boredom, since it's about three in the morning and I have nothing better to do. So I figure I'll tell you all about State Route 343.

As I'm sure you've all gathered by now (all of you who've read "How to Drive Your Coworkers Crazy" anyway), I work a night job. I live about thirty minutes away from the Meijer in Beavercreek, way out in Clifton. There's a four mile stretch of road between Clifton and Yellow Springs called State Route 343, which is the route I take to get to work. I've had a few freaky experiences along this stretch of road, of which I thought I'd share. I meant to post this on the night that the latest incident occurred, but that was the same night that the customers were downright hateful, so my mind was otherwise pre-occupied.

Story number one: This happened around the holidays two years ago (the Christmas lights at the Clifton Mill were open to the public, so it was between black friday and new year's but I don't remember when exactly) and Shelley was driving me to work that night. We were more or less driving down like we usually did, talking and joking about whatever when another car starts driving down the road in the other direction a few hundred feet in front of us with its brights on. Shelley flashed her headlights to try and tell the other car "Hey! Dim your lights!" before she dimmed her own. The other car never dimmed its lights, and it was between forty and sixty feet away when Shelley flashed her lights again. this time, the other car complied and its headlights disappeared... as well as the whole car! We kinda just laughed it off, because hey, it's not every day you see a ghost car, right?

Story number two: I honestly don't remember when exactly this happened, but it had to be at least a year ago, if not longer. My mom and stepdad were driving me to work that night (I'm going on 22, and I still don't know how to drive. Sad, ne?). It's really not all that unusual for 343 to be foggy on cool nights, what with the Clifton Gorge running right alongside it, but this night was actually pretty clear (you'll see why this is significant in a sec). Jim was driving with my mom in the front passenger seat and me in the back, half asleep, when he slammed on the brakes. Needless to say, that woke me up, but what got my attention was the chorus of "Oh my God"s coming from the front. I only got a quick glimpse of it right before it disappeared, but there was clearly a foggy figure just walking across the street, with no other fog in sight. The eerie thing (other than, oh my God, a fucking ghost just walked across the street!) was that this was in roughly the same spot that Shelley and I had seen the ghost car the year before.

Story nuber three: This one just happened a few days ago on the full moon (remember everybody, full moons suck!), and it was actually rather foggy out that night. The fog was thicker over by my house where the river was closer to the road, and it thinned out the closer we got to Yellow Springs. Jim was driving again, with my mom in the front seat, and me very awake in the back trying to move the dog because he was sitting on me. Again, Jim slams on the brakes and the dog goes flying forward, and the car coming from the other direction slams on its brakes as well, and a dark shadow walks in front of the headlights through the fog across the street in, wouldn't you know, THE EXACT SAME SPOT! The fog wasn't all that thick, but the shadow was very prominent and well outlined, nd if the other car stopped to avoid hitting it, there was definitely something there, right? My mom later told me she had seen two other shadows at the side of the road, but didn't say anything to avoid freaking Jim out even further.

That's all I've experienced on State Route 343 (I have other ghostly experiences, but I'll save those for around Halloween or something). I don't know the hisory of that road, or the significance of that one spot, but maybe sometime in the future I'll look it up. i probably won't post anything else from that area unless something major happens, but Nelli and I are planning on scouting out Jacoby Road (another well-known haunted road) one night out of boredom, curiosity and, well, who doesn't try to scare themselves shitless around Halloween? If anything happens with that, I'll post it.


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