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Another lugia raid has spawned at a gym around the block and I will never be able to take it down by myself but we all know I'm gonna fucking try anyway.
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Idk what that last pokemon go update did to the game textures but my dragonite looks like it wants to eat my soul.
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When I woke up last night to get ready for work, I opened up Pokemon Go like I normally do and was surprised to receive a notification for a nearby raid event starting... at a brand new gym down the street that was not there when I went to sleep (and it was unclaimed, so guess who hopped on that shit).

This is not the first new gym I've seen since the gym update, since I've noticed that several former pokestops in the towns I regularly visit have been turned into gyms with the update, but these were all transformed when the old gym system was down for the rework. This just popped up yesterday.

On the way to work, I was also met with several new pokestops that had similarly popped up on the trails, as well as another new gym at one of the overlooks that, again, was not there earlier, (and again was also unclaimed, but it's in a service dead zone and I was unable to claim it because my service wigged out).

Apparently, Ingress had gotten an update that added new portals, and since Pokemon Go's maps are a direct import from Ingress's, that means that Pokemon Go got some new stops and gyms too. Which is pretty fucking cool.

Also I thought I had a pattern figured out as to when raid battles spawned, and the gym closest to me seems to spawn them every twenty-six hours... while the one down the road (on the map, it's the active raid with the Wheezing) has spawned twice in the last twenty-four hours, so maybe they each have their own individual spawn rates? I just evolved a Wheezing the other day so I really have no reason to walk down and do that raid battle, so I'm waiting for the one behind my house to hatch and I'm going to do that one. I only get one free raid pass a day and I really don't want to buy another one.

EDIT: It has been a little over three hours since I posted this and in that time, the gym with the active raid battle on the map has since spawned another raid, AND another gym has popped up a block over with another raid battle starting in a few minutes. It is unclaimed and I am literally running down to claim it.

EDIT 2: There's a new pokestop behind my house that wasn't there ten minutes ago, and I got chased by my neighbor's rooster on the way home.
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images under cut to avoid dash stretching )

I don't have a full opinion yet, seeing as I was the first one to claim the gym behind my house and I'm the only team valor person within five miles (literally everyone in town is team mystic), but I immediately obtained a gym badge as soon as I dropped my dragonite in, and you can also spin the photo disc to obtain the same items you'd normally receive from pokestops, which is pretty awesome because, since I can reach both the gym and the pokestop from my bedroom, it means double the items for me.

Raid battles seem to still be unavailable, and I'm as of yet unsure how gym battles work now, aside from what I've read online, but hell this is still pretty cool.

The downside:

Do we not get defender bonuses anymore????


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