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Are there any old-time LJers here that remember Writer's Block? I really wish dreamwidth would implement some sort of feature like that, because it gave people something to post about when they have nothing else to write about. Things have been bland and boring lately and I've been going nearly a week between posting at times because there's literally nothing to post about, and I really hate going dark for so long. I need to dig up some daily challenges or something to keep my posting consistent.
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-that thing where you jump up onto something and the falling animation doesn't cut out and you kinda just float around flapping your arms like a sad bird.

-when you're just chilling and a dragon spawns nearby, and you kinda just absorb its soul before even starting the battle and then you have to battle a dragon skeleton.

-invisible dragons.

-that time that chief yamarz moonwalked through the entirety of riften.

-that time when my brother was doing meridia's quest and she lifted him high up above haafingar to congratulate him and give him dawnbreaker, and instead of gently floating him back down to the ground, she fuckin dropped him like a rock and he died.

-when you kill a bandit and they continue to just walk, usually into a wall.

-random floating weapons in random places.

-when you fast travel into a giant camp and a mammoth spawns like a hundred feet in the air and then splats down onto the ground.

-glowing farm houses.

-that time when all of the water in hjaalmarch just... kinda disappeared and all of the fish were just swimming in the air.

-invisible mountains.

-also clipping through mountains.

-that time on solstheim when the dead guard in front of the old attius farm's armor just floated up into the sky and left him naked on the ground.
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On one hand, I've been really into dark, fucked up fiction lately and i kinda want to give killing stalking a read-through.

On the other...

...Sangwoo looks like Jean from attack on titan with bad eyeliner and I can't unsee it.
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cut for really big really cool bug )

So I went over to the restaurant behind the house for food, and my mom was telling me about "the NOPE! on the front porch," which lead me to this guy.

With some googling, I found out it's a dobsonfly, and this one is a male. The mandibles on the male are primarily for mating and much too large for the insect to bite with, but the female has much smaller mandibles and can actually draw blood if it bites you. Apparently there was a female on the front door when they were trying to open, but someone killed it.

Well I went inside and ate and did my googling, determined that the bug was safe to touch and wasn't going to bite my finger off, but when I came back outside to see if I could handle it and get a photo of it in my hand, it was no longer there.
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cut for discussion involving a dead frog )

But, in my googling to try and find out what species this frog is, I did find out something pretty cool that I did not know prior, and that's that Ohio has lizards. Apparently, we have five-lined skinks, broad-head skinks, and ground skinks.

The last time I'd seen lizards in the wild was when I was like eight years old, and my uncle took me to disney world with them. There were brown anoles everywhere and I spent quite a lot of my trip trying to catch one, and failing miserably. I had no idea that Ohio even had a climate that could support any type of lizard, and now it's on my bucket list to find at least one out in the wild.

Also unrelated but not really: when I was about ten, my dad had bought me a few green anoles as pets, and in school, we had daily journals we had to do that had to be turned in and graded. I often wrote about my lizards, and my teacher always redlined and corrected "anoles" to "animals," and this got on my nerves like nothing else. I started including "a small lizard" in parentheses any time I mentioned my anoles, and she still wasn't getting the hint. I even once added at the beginning of a journal entry "an anole is a lizard please stop changing it to "animals" and she even crossed out the "anole" in that sentence and added "animal" in. It took me drawing several random animals at the bottom of my journal entry with the label "animals" and a lizard with the label "anole. An anole is also an animal, but this lizard is called an anole" before she finally stopped correcting it.
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It's one thing to go through your old art tag on tumblr and cringe. But wHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.

I don't remember when or why this particular image came into existence, but I vaguely remember trying to make one with squidward as well.
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The charging port on my ipod had been slowly and continuously getting more difficult to connect over the last few months and it finally stopped working, and now it's got maybe half of a charge left and after that goes, the ipod is gone. Dead. Finito. I transferred any important notes over to my phone and now it's time to mourn the death of the best protective case I ever had.

The only real reason I was still using it was to store my music so that I still had space in my phone in which to record video when it comes to youtube (which I have not been doing, which I plan on rectifying sometime this week), and luckily I still have my old 3rd gen ipod laying around (still in good condition, even if the software is so obsolete that I can't even update the OS), so I synced my music over and decided to go digging to see what I could find buried in the depths of my old ipod.

I found buttloads of old fanfiction, unfinished and unpublished.

Buttloads of old fanfition that show promise and could possibly be tweaked and finished... if I had a fucking clue where where I was going with them.

minor nsfw-ish fic synopsys )... and that's it. The fic ends there. There was most definitely supposed to be something behind it, usually it's something that goes hilariously wrong when it comes to my PWPs, but I didn't leave myself any sort of reminder as to what direction it was supposed to be going.
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So the car is sitting at the shop until we have the funds to get it fixed or even looked at (and we're praying it's not the head gasket).

One of my mom's coworkers just bought a new vehicle, so he sold us his station wagon for $400. It runs a little loud and a little rough, but it's still in good enough shape to get us back and forth until we can afford to fix the buick, and then the station wagon will be our backup vehicle which is something we've been needing for years to be honest.

Plus, as soon as I'm able to finally get my fucking driver's license before something terrible happens to the car which always fucking happens, I'll be able to get a second job somewhere to help with bills.

Also, I'm fucking sick on top of everything else.
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So I posted something about my brother's friend Hyper here recently, and he's still coming over on a semi-nightly basis, and my mom was telling me about something that happened as soon as she got home from taking me to work.

When she opened the door, she was assaulted with the smell of poop, which, obviously, is never a good thing, as well as our big dog, Sonny, looking at her as if he'd just eaten the Pope's underpants.

Sonny is a good dog, but occasionally, he has accidents, and when his accidents happen, it's like a horse shit everywhere (he has a gluten allergy, and we're careful about what we feed him but sometimes he gets in the trash and he pays for it later), and in the middle of the kitchen floor, near the gigantic piles of dog poop, was all of our toilet paper, still inside of the package.

So my mom yells for my brother and asks for him to explain why the toilet paper was flung across the room but the poop not picked up, and he looks in the kitchen confused for a moment, and then starts giggling.

Apparently, Hyper had been the first one to discover it, and had planned on picking it up, but as he climbed over the dog gate with the toilet paper to clean the mess up, the dogs started barking and charged at him so he tossed the toilet paper across the room and jumped back over the gate.

And I... find this really fucking funny.
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cut for bugs )

The Cool Thing: The nymphs have all molted.

The Cooler Thing: I am now finding cicadas all over the yard instead of the nymphs.

The Not So Cool Thing: I have not gotten any work done because I keep finding more cicadas and have to move them to the front yard so they don't get trampled over until their wings dry out. I have rescued like twenty of these things in the last half hour.
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So we finally decided to start hacking down the absolute jungle that is my backyard.

The front yard has been easy to maintain; the groundhogs stick to the backyard as opposed to the front, so we can get a lawnmower through without having to worry about falling in a large hole. Which is also where the problem comes in as to why we've allowed the backyard to grow so tall and so thick that we can't even get a weedwhacker through it. The grass is chest-high and if you're not careful while walking, you're going to break your ankle in a groundhog hole.

We cannot safely get a lawnmower through the yard as it is now (even without the groundhog holes, the grass is just too much for a mower to handle), which is why we bought a weedwhacker to take care of the bulk of the mess, but lo and behold, the weedwhacker can't handle it either, so we've had to start going through with a fucking scythe to chop the vegetation down.

Which is difficult work, but less strenuous than you would think.


For the fact that 90% of the cicada nymphs are emerging to molt.

And me being, well, me, spent more time relocating the unmolted cicada nymphs to a tree in the front yard so they didn't get killed in the scything of the lawn.

I think I relocated about ten of them.

The yard does look significantly better tho. We're only like, a fifth of the way done knocking the grass down, but it does look better.


In other news:

-The other day I opened up requests on tumblr for short 3-5 sentence fics to try and knock me out of this funk. Lowkey, half of the point of this is that I am Extra and tend to write full fics from these prompts, and it's amazing how quick one idea can spawn an entire AU.

-That new pepsi fire kinda tastes like an alcohlic drink. I was comparing it to "chasing down a mouthful of red hots with a rum and coke," but one of my coworkers said it was more like "fireball without the fun" which, frankly, is more accurate.
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So I was listening to my music after work and this song popped up, and I just... really have to share this piece of work.

This song in question is "Summer Girls" by LFO, and it was a popular radio tune in the early 2000's. Don't get me wrong, this song is a throwback, that's what I have it, but sitting down and actually listening to the lyrics; this song is absolutely ridiculous. I think this is a classic "what rhymes with orange" kind of lyrical masterpiece.

I'm still nostalgic garbage and kinda still like the song though.

the lyrics for context )

Also, for another little giggle, I initially picked up the full lyrics off of songmeanings.com, and someone put in the comments what their interpretation of the lyrics were, and it's probably my favourite one out of the bunch.

slightly nsfw text in the screenshot )
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Since I posted the start of the Mall Goth Saga™ the other day, I made a list of other stories to tell and have begun writing them down, and there's a lot more than I would have accounted for. I'm gonna post them here and there, as fun little anecdotes in between other things, but this is also getting me to finally write these things down so I can make the youtube videos for them that I've been sitting on for the last year or so.
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I've forgotten how choppy and low quality tumblr butchers video when converting it into gif format.

Anyway, the water level in the river has dropped 6-10 feet it looks like, which makes me feel a little better for now, but there's more rain coming in, so all I can do is hope that when it crests, that it doesn't go over the banks.


I've been fixated almost exclusively on skyrim where video games are concerned for nearly two and a half years now, and I decided on a whim that I wanted to play kingdom hearts the other day, so I tossed 2.5 into the playstation, and oh my god I can't believe it's been almost ten years since I played KH2 for the first time.
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To be honest, one of the things at the top of my bucket list is to be the ghost in the graveyard.

Like, literally, dress up in the most raggedy clothing I can find, dart ominously between the tombstones, and scare the everloving daylights out of the kids that dick around in the cemetery at night.

I wonder how long I could get away with that before I got caught.
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One of the biggest downsides of moving back to Clifton, has to be the fact that April/May are the rainiest months, and what happens when we get torrential rains? The river starts rising.

Where we lived before was in the middle of town and on slightly higher ground, but now I live right on the river. My house is maybe thirty feet from the banks of the gorge at its closest, and the river is still steadily rising. It is supposed to rain all week, and honestly? I'm a little worried.
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Went from 700 posts down to 400.

Went from 800+ tags down to 81.

It took me hours upon hours, but I managed to weed out the unwanted posts and retag everything, and other than a few minor adjustments to my tagging system and re-embedding some pictures that have since expired or have been deleted from the internet (as is the case with images I directly embedded from my old deviantART account, as i have long since deleted that), this blog is up to my standards. Mostly. If you don't count some old cringe-worthy posts that I decided to keep for various reasons.

Including the work I did on my fic masterlist when I first created this account, with the work I've been doing for the last two days, I don't think I've ever spent this much time keeping something presentable (my tumblr is a mess, and I've since given up trying to organize that trainwreck).
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After importing my old livejournal, I've been going through the old entries to re-tag and delete the posts that I don't want, and I've come across some disturbing, and very cringey, trends.

Including, but not limited to:

-the unironic usage of the word "yaoi" as well as the sexualization that accompanies it.


-that minor twinge of dysphoria when I'm talking in third person and referring to myself as "she" and "her," because being transgender wasn't even a concept that my tiny brain could handle that could possibly describe the identity issues I was having, much less being nonbinary.

-what the actual fuck are these abominations that I used to call drawings. Why did I think I was hot shit.

-betch quit acting like you're random nobody likes you.


-and a bunch of, just in general, problematic and oppressive ways of thinking.

Dear universe, and everyone in it, I sincerely apologize for being a cringey piece of shit.
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I've actually been thinking of importing my old livejournal (not the one this blog crossposts to), but I really only want a few entries from that old account. It looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of maintanence and mass deleting after I import.

EDIT: dreamwidth: importing can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to import depending on the size of the queue

me: imports old journal.

dreamwidth, less than three minutes later: import complete
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There are commercials on the Oxygen channel, advertising a new change to the channel coming this summer, where it's going to be entirely true crime shows and I cannot express how excited I am for this because I really do love true crime shows. I just hope the introduce some new series ideas instead of only playing the same three shows. I've probably seen every single episode of Snapped at least once.


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