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Now I really like Klance, don't get me wrong. It has literally every trope that I love in my ships, but the extent that some of the fanbase is reaching to try and prove that it's canon is ridiculous. Klance is not canon, and probably won't be canon, just enjoy your ship for what it is for god's sake.


Jul. 16th, 2017 11:39 am
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I think that some people forget that we have characters such as Riku and Lea, who did some things far worse than Saix ever did, who have either gotten a full redemption arc or are in the process of going through theirs.

Riku, like Saix, was a vessel for Xehanort's heart, who let his own jealousy and need for freedom consume him, and therefore opened himself up to Ansem/Xehanort's influence. He was able to overcome this, and Sora forgave him. The fandom forgave him. Riku did some fucked up shit in KH1, felt bad about it, and was a fully redeemed character by the end of KH2.

And Lea. As Axel, he did his fair share of bad things, usually for selfish reasons or because Saix told him to do it. Hell, I do still think his entire redemption arc is fueled by his own selfish reasons, because that fits his character, and again, the fandom has forgiven him.

So why doesn't Saix/Isa deserve forgivness?
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-I understand that sometimes you're in a hurry whike using the toilet and that sometimes you may get a little bit of poop on your hand, but the store supplies a sink and hand soap for you to use so please dispose of your hand poop using that instead of wiping it on the bathroom door.

-I understand that sometimes moistening your finger to seperate your bills is necessary. A little unsanitary, but I can sanitize my hands. However, there is a huge difference between just moistening your finger and slobbering all over everything, so please make that distinction so that way I don't have to touch your wet, slimy twenty dollar bill thanks
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Maybe you should keep to your own business instead of worrying what that BNF is doing with their own time and patreon.
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Work moving Bear into another department in april cost me $1500, because my piece of shit car was worth no more than scrap metal because the coolant system was fucked, and Bear had been my ride to and from work while I tried to save up for a new car, so I had to drop $1500 I didn't have on a new vehicle.

My wages are being garnished because of back taxes because my workplace's organizational skills are shit and my school district does not exist in their system.

And this morning, that vehicle we just dropped $1500 on just broke down.

I hate everything.
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Thomas Sanders, a bi(pan?)sexual: gets asked a question about asexuality and responds that yes, he supports ace/aros and that their identities are valid and that they are in fact not straight.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders is a raging homophobe that supports cishets invading LGBT+ spaces!

Thomas Sanders: says he doesn't mind people drawing nsfw art of him and encourages his fans to explore this side of their creativity as long as they are of age.

Thomas Sanders: reblogs nsfw fanart of himself that was drawn by a minor without realizing it, and then deletes it and apologizes for it when it was brought to his attention, and again, emphasizes to please only create it if you are over the age of eighteen.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders exploits minors and actively encourages minors to draw nsfw fanart of himself!

Me: Tumblr, you had such good premise you could be such an amazing blogging platform why are you like this what happened.
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I thought my paycheck seemed a little low when I checked my bank balance, so I checked my pay stub at work tonight and noticed, that even though I had my usual thirty-seven and a half hours for the week, my paycheck was almost a hundred dollars short.

I scrolled down to my deductions, and there's a fucking $96 garnish on it. I'm pretty sure I know what it's for - and I had completely forgotten about it (to summarize, I owe school district taxes for a few years because according to my W-4, the school district I live in DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST) - but come on, some advanced notice would have been fucking nice.


In other news:

-I have this thing whenever I buy a new pair of shoes that makes throwing the old pair out very hard, because like I want to keep them even though there’s no reason to because the entire sole of the right shoe literally fell off.

-Fun fact: i actually physically cringe every time I hear Axel say “got it memorized?” and I cringe harder when reading fic and Axel says that phrase more than once or twice in the entire fic.
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I unfollowed sixpenceee ages ago when the accuastions against her stealing content (amongst other things, like demonizing mental illness for a "scary story" for the notes) were proven to not be bullshit, but after this whole "Sixpenceee Heals" drama and her half-assed "apology" (which is more damage control than anything), I feel like I need to delete all of the posts I ever reblogged from her and cleanse my blogs with fire.
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It's amazing how quickly an anti can take this:

And turn it into this:

a little image heavy under the cut. also cut for abuse mentions )

I've managed to stay out of most of the kingdom hearts discourse, which is amazing because I have 1000+ followers on that blog and I used to be a huge akuroku fan, but on occasion, I still get those anons and I just...

Yes, my fave is problematic. Get over it.

Oh, and then the next morning, I got this:

Like if I wasn't so horribly addicted to the content I consume on tumblr, and if I didn't have so many friends over there, I probably would have deleted my tumblr a long time ago. Fandom on tumblr is so fucking toxic and I hate it.
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"I know they did you wrong but this change is affecting me. My times are all screwed up, it's affecting me the most,"

While I'll admit, that yes, your shifts are a little messed up because the other third shift cashier got thrown into the bakery for a month, please consider the fact that she was thrown against her will, without training, into a deperatment that she does not know and that regularly makes use of her main food allergy. And also, please consider the fact that said cashier was also my ride to work, and that this change effectively cost me fifteen hundred dollars to buy a vehicle that can at least run me back and forth to work.

So no, this change is not affecting you the most.


Aug. 8th, 2016 07:35 am
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“He’s all like, ‘if you don’t do it my way, it’s wrong,’ but like, is there even a wrong path when it comes to witchcraft?” says my mother, right after telling me that if a witch worships satan that they’re not really a witch, and that magic only works when paired with divinity
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To be completely honest, I... don't really like the idea of akuroku month.

It worked fine and dandy in 2013 because, yenno, 8/13, but people kept continuing it year after year and it just kinda seems like overkill???? Like we have akuroku day already but spreading it out over a full month is too much.

The only reason akusai month doesn't bother me is because

1.) Their numbers are consecutive and the dates they fall on have a full month in between them.

and 2.) because literally 99% of the new content we get for this ship for the entire year comes out of akusai month.

So, akuroku fandom, chillax maybe?


Jul. 20th, 2016 03:29 pm
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You know, when I tell you that some witches practice without religion and you shut me down by saying it's not possible to practice without a divine source, and then go to tell me that you're not saying that you're preaching that your way is the only way when i tell you that just because someone practices differently than you that it doesn't mean that their practice is wrong, you are being a hypocrite.

The threefold law is wiccan dogma, and that means it doesn't apply to nonwiccan witches.

The "threefold law" is not Karma. It is not even close to being Karma.

You are a fluffy bunny and you need to educate yourself.


Your secularly practicing child.
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I was scrolling through the akuroku search on mobile and i saw someone send an anon to another person because “if you’re not drawing akuroku why put it in the tag lol delete your misfire” (not in those exact words but you get the picture)

And here’s the thing.

They did not put it in the akuroku tag.

It was not tagged #akuroku.

If you saw it then you were using the search system and not the tag system. Either use xkit’s classic tags extention or track “#akuroku” (with the hashtag). Or block the person.

Sure, the person in question could have aku///r/oku-ed instead to keep it out of the search, and that is on them, but not sending pointless hate to someone for mentioning that they’re not going to do commissions for something that makes them uncomfortable is on you.

Quietly block and move on, or alter your tracked tags or xkit settings. Please stop fanning the flames on this stupid ship war.
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Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Sometimes akuroku shippers can be so fucking pretentious like, you’re gonna start shouting “fuck you” and calling people dickwads because they’re drawing your otp more than you are? Seriously?
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"I own nothing. All credit goes to the artist."

I honestly think this is worse than not sourcing. I understand if you don't have the source, but if that's the case, at least ask if somebody knows the source, because if you're going to post "all credit goes to the artist" and you don't post the artist's name, how the fuck are we supposed to look up more artwork from that artist?
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Oh my god so I can’t play Dream Drop Distance because I ripped my thumbnail in half and I have a bandaid over my thumb and it’s my circlepad thumb and I was trying to still play it but my thumb kept slipping off and Riku kept dying every five seconds because of it oh my god I’m gonna die my thumb is just pure pain!


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