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I think that some people forget that we have characters such as Riku and Lea, who did some things far worse than Saix ever did, who have either gotten a full redemption arc or are in the process of going through theirs.

Riku, like Saix, was a vessel for Xehanort's heart, who let his own jealousy and need for freedom consume him, and therefore opened himself up to Ansem/Xehanort's influence. He was able to overcome this, and Sora forgave him. The fandom forgave him. Riku did some fucked up shit in KH1, felt bad about it, and was a fully redeemed character by the end of KH2.

And Lea. As Axel, he did his fair share of bad things, usually for selfish reasons or because Saix told him to do it. Hell, I do still think his entire redemption arc is fueled by his own selfish reasons, because that fits his character, and again, the fandom has forgiven him.

So why doesn't Saix/Isa deserve forgivness?
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One of my tumblr friends has the "werewolf" url and has been using it for quite a while now. They used to get the occasional "I'll give you money if you give me your url" messages but in the last few weeks those messages have been exploding to an annoying volume. Like earlier someone offered them the "wiccan" url in exchange for the "werewolf" url, and if they'd actually been wiccan they probably would have considered it.

I suggested that they start replying to those messages with this:

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Thomas Sanders, a bi(pan?)sexual: gets asked a question about asexuality and responds that yes, he supports ace/aros and that their identities are valid and that they are in fact not straight.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders is a raging homophobe that supports cishets invading LGBT+ spaces!

Thomas Sanders: says he doesn't mind people drawing nsfw art of him and encourages his fans to explore this side of their creativity as long as they are of age.

Thomas Sanders: reblogs nsfw fanart of himself that was drawn by a minor without realizing it, and then deletes it and apologizes for it when it was brought to his attention, and again, emphasizes to please only create it if you are over the age of eighteen.

Tumblr: Thomas Sanders exploits minors and actively encourages minors to draw nsfw fanart of himself!

Me: Tumblr, you had such good premise you could be such an amazing blogging platform why are you like this what happened.
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I unfollowed sixpenceee ages ago when the accuastions against her stealing content (amongst other things, like demonizing mental illness for a "scary story" for the notes) were proven to not be bullshit, but after this whole "Sixpenceee Heals" drama and her half-assed "apology" (which is more damage control than anything), I feel like I need to delete all of the posts I ever reblogged from her and cleanse my blogs with fire.
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It's amazing how quickly an anti can take this:

And turn it into this:

a little image heavy under the cut. also cut for abuse mentions )

I've managed to stay out of most of the kingdom hearts discourse, which is amazing because I have 1000+ followers on that blog and I used to be a huge akuroku fan, but on occasion, I still get those anons and I just...

Yes, my fave is problematic. Get over it.

Oh, and then the next morning, I got this:

Like if I wasn't so horribly addicted to the content I consume on tumblr, and if I didn't have so many friends over there, I probably would have deleted my tumblr a long time ago. Fandom on tumblr is so fucking toxic and I hate it.
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I was scrolling through the akuroku search on mobile and i saw someone send an anon to another person because “if you’re not drawing akuroku why put it in the tag lol delete your misfire” (not in those exact words but you get the picture)

And here’s the thing.

They did not put it in the akuroku tag.

It was not tagged #akuroku.

If you saw it then you were using the search system and not the tag system. Either use xkit’s classic tags extention or track “#akuroku” (with the hashtag). Or block the person.

Sure, the person in question could have aku///r/oku-ed instead to keep it out of the search, and that is on them, but not sending pointless hate to someone for mentioning that they’re not going to do commissions for something that makes them uncomfortable is on you.

Quietly block and move on, or alter your tracked tags or xkit settings. Please stop fanning the flames on this stupid ship war.
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... but I will always remain loyal to LiveJournal.

Why LiveJournal Pwns Tumblr

-Privacy: Tumblr is too public in my opinion, and personal posts that I don't want the entire world to know I will be less likely to post there, regardless of how funny it is.

With LJ, you have the "friends only" option, and even a "private" option if there are posts that you don't even want your friends reading. I like using Tumblr as an alternate place to post my mature "too sexy for dA" artwork so my watchers on dA can have better access to it, but if there was a similar "friends only" option, I would feel a little less "...eh" about family members (such as aunts and uncles) that don't know I've started drawing hardcore yaoi stumbling across my Tumblr and seeing all of the dirty things I've been drawing as of late.

Oh, and those little things that you wouldn't want potential employers reading about? Those things are safe and secure as "friends only" posts on LiveJournal.

-Communities: I love LJ communities. 90% of my friends page is community updates, and usually it's stupid stuff that I happen to find while typing random words into the interests search bar when I'm bored. Unfortunately, a lot of the more interesting communities I'm watching aren't updated all that frequently, and a couple of them aren't updated at all any more.

-"Surprise Me": I like hitting that "random journal" button. I have found several interesting journals to friend using that method and it's useful for killing hours of time when you have nothing else to do that's productive. But the downfall? 90% of LiveJournal is Russian users and spambots. I don't speak Russian and I'm not interested in that big screen TV.

Fandom: This is practically all that most people use LJ for anymore, which I'm really not all that surprised, because LiveJournal is an excellent system to use for fanfiction. You have the LJ-cut, which is the niftiest little addition that anyone can use to keep F-lists from being miles long and for me to use to keep from scarring people for life with my gay porn and stupid Memebase and YouTube posts.

A Few Reasons Why Tumblr is Superior

-User Base: Sadly not many people use LJ anymore, while almost everybody has a Tumblr now-a-days.

-No Ads: I love Tumblr's complete lack of the full page ads that like to pop up at random on LJ and annoy the fuck out of me (thank god for that "refresh" button). It used to be that I'd get an ad like once every day or so, but ever since that free two-week paid membership promotion LJ ran a few months back, I get an ad every time I'm away from LJ for more than an hour.

-"Like This Post": This is a feature that LJ really needs. Yes, they did add that "Like on Facebook" button that you can add with a simple tag, but very few people use it, and since not everybody comments on every entry, sometimes, your F-List needs a reminder that you actually are reading their posts.

-No Extensive Down-Time: Every time LJ gets hit with a DDoS attack, it's like the world ends.

I'm sure there's more to write about, but my brain hurts now and I need to stop thinking and get back to drawing. My sister's birthday is in a week and I have a super special drawing that I'm doing for her that will drive her boyfriend crazy!


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