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There is nothing more terrifying than watching every cart in the parking lot zip across the parking lot at top speed during a thunderstorm... and nothing more satisfying than seeing that not a single one of them crashed into a parked car along the way.
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-I understand that sometimes you're in a hurry whike using the toilet and that sometimes you may get a little bit of poop on your hand, but the store supplies a sink and hand soap for you to use so please dispose of your hand poop using that instead of wiping it on the bathroom door.

-I understand that sometimes moistening your finger to seperate your bills is necessary. A little unsanitary, but I can sanitize my hands. However, there is a huge difference between just moistening your finger and slobbering all over everything, so please make that distinction so that way I don't have to touch your wet, slimy twenty dollar bill thanks
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So I sent my other cashier to her lunch break at about 1am last night, and I took over the order she was ringing up so she could go.

The lady we were ringing up was absolute hell wrapped up in a suburban mom meat skin, from pulling clearance tags off of other items and sticking them on the things she wanted (like, lady I've been here long enough to know that just finding the "$8.00" portion of the clearance sticker messily ripped apart and stuck over the item tag price is shady as fuck), and she wasn't understanding why I couldn't take the sale coupons that specifically state that you can take $15 off of ONE SINGLE ITEM of $74.99 or more and apply it to her entire order, but that's not what this story is about.

This story is about a flower.

One of those pretty lilies, the pink and white ones with the gigantic flowers that smell really really pretty.

She had one of those, and I could smell it from all the way down the conveyor belt, and when it finally came up to where I could scan it, I made a comment about how good I think they smell.

"I love these," I said. "If I could, I would tie one around my neck just so I could smell it all the time." And then I smelled it really quick, scanned it, and set it in her cart.

The entire transaction goes through, with some arguing over the coupons, but I get her rung out and on her way.

My other cashier comes back from her lunch, takes one look at me, and tells me that I have something on my chin. I wipe my hand over my chin, and my hand comes back yellow.

There was pollen all over my face, from my chin all the way down my neck.

This lady went the entire transaction, looking me in the face the entire time.

Like, gee thanks for letting me know that I HAD POLLEN ALL OVER MY FACE.
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Work moving Bear into another department in april cost me $1500, because my piece of shit car was worth no more than scrap metal because the coolant system was fucked, and Bear had been my ride to and from work while I tried to save up for a new car, so I had to drop $1500 I didn't have on a new vehicle.

My wages are being garnished because of back taxes because my workplace's organizational skills are shit and my school district does not exist in their system.

And this morning, that vehicle we just dropped $1500 on just broke down.

I hate everything.
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How is it possible that someone can leave a frozen item sitting on a lane somewhere at work for twenty minutes and it's soft and soggy and has to be written off because it's damaged and can no longer be consumed.

But then I pull my lunch for work out of my freezer at 9:15 pm before I leave for work, and when I go to take my lunch break at 5am, a full eight hours later, and my food is still frozen solid and inedible?

Do the freezer gods just hate me?
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I thought my paycheck seemed a little low when I checked my bank balance, so I checked my pay stub at work tonight and noticed, that even though I had my usual thirty-seven and a half hours for the week, my paycheck was almost a hundred dollars short.

I scrolled down to my deductions, and there's a fucking $96 garnish on it. I'm pretty sure I know what it's for - and I had completely forgotten about it (to summarize, I owe school district taxes for a few years because according to my W-4, the school district I live in DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST) - but come on, some advanced notice would have been fucking nice.


In other news:

-I have this thing whenever I buy a new pair of shoes that makes throwing the old pair out very hard, because like I want to keep them even though there’s no reason to because the entire sole of the right shoe literally fell off.

-Fun fact: i actually physically cringe every time I hear Axel say “got it memorized?” and I cringe harder when reading fic and Axel says that phrase more than once or twice in the entire fic.
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Here is a list of occurrences that over the last few years that have convinced me that my coworker has psychic abilities, and that they are somehow connected to me doing stupid shit.

I really need to give people nicknames; I know everyone's real names are mentioned ass-deep in my blog, but I'm still going through and editing, so soon they will no longer be there. So we'll start by naming this coworker "Bear," since she really likes bears.

The First Occurrence:

Or as I like to call it, the Spider Incident.

I'm sure everyone's seen the security devices that are wrapped around high-dollar items in most department stores. They're called Spider Wraps, but we always just shorten it to "spiders."

We got these security devices in the store sometime in 2010, and one of the unfortunate parts of being on the overnight shift, nobody actually trained us on how to use these, so we had to figure it out for ourselves. Detaching them from items wasn't that hard to figure out, but extending and retracting them to fit, however, was a little harder to get used to. And that fact is what comes into play here.

It was around midnight, Bear had made her way down to the GM side of the store to close the doors for the night, and I was stationed down at the self-checkout with another cashier, who we'll just call "T" because this is the only story he's ever going to show up in. One of my regular customers walks up, wanting to buy a car stereo, so I unwrap the spider and scan his item for him so he could pay for it.

And also, ever wanting to be the comedian, I decide that I'm going to slide the spider wrap over my chest, all in the name of a spider-man joke. Unfortunately, the spider wrap had been retracted to fit the car stereo, and unfortunately for me, I was inexperienced enough with these security devices to remember that you could not extend them with the knob (I don't even know what to call it. Knob? Handle? It's a little flat plastic thing that flips up that you turn in order to retract that spider wrap). So as I slipped it over my head, I flipped the knob/handle out and twisted it, and instead of extending like I had hoped it would do, it retracted.

I got the fucking spider wrap stuck around my head.

At this point, after realizing what I had just done, T was literally on the floor laughing, and the regular was also laughing at me, and as I'm standing there trying to unhook this thing from around my ears, someone walks up to my register with a full cart.

So I'm taking care of this customer (who is trying - and failing - to not laugh at the situation) on my lane with a spider wrap stuck around my head, and meanwhile, Bear had just finished closing the GM-side doors for the night, and had approached the person covering the electronics area (who I now dub "Fork"), to find out when she wanted her break.

Bear was in the middle of talking when she stopped, looked at Fork, and said, "I have to go. Spoony just did something stupid."

So she walks back out to the checkouts, shaking her head, saying "Okay, what did you do?" Before seeing my predicament, proceeding to laugh at me for a few minutes, and using the magnetic key to unhook it from my face.

it only gets wilder from here )

So yeah. My coworker has psychic abilities, that are apparently connected to me any time I do something stupid.
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One of the very few plus-sides of living in a conservative area is just how easy it is to knock people for a loop sometimes.

I take my breaks at work out on the floor, sitting on a bench near the lotto machine at the other side of the front end, which on third shift isn't really a problem, since business is a lot slower, and I'm less likely to be interrupted. On occasions though, I'll get a customer or two with a question that I can easily point over to the other cashier who is on the clock, and who often times will be able to answer a question better than I can.

I'm sitting on the bench, scrolling through tumblr on my break, and some guy not only walks right past my coworker and up to me, who is very obviously not on the clock, asking me what lotions we sell that are good for cracked, dry skin. I replied that, not having a cracked skin problem, I cannot answer that question and then proceed to point him in the direction of my coworker who does.

He gets flustered and angry, telling me that he can't believe that I don't know the answer to his question. I work here, so obviously, I must know everything about each of the 750,000 different products we sell. And then, in a fashion truly indicative of an Ohio redneck with zero ability to insult, he crosses his arms and says to me "I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl."

And I, being already dead inside, just responded with a straight face "I'm actually neither, but thank you for respecting my identity,"

And I have never seen anyone go from so angry to so confused so quickly, and I fed off of the spite from his reaction for the rest of the night.


In other news:

-I will never be able to stop drinking pop so much if I keep getting these terrible headaches if I so much as go more than twenty hours without a pepsi.

-I have a coworker from India who sometimes brings me food when she cooks and it always makes me feel special when she does. The food is sooooo good and I ate all of it in one sitting.
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"I know they did you wrong but this change is affecting me. My times are all screwed up, it's affecting me the most,"

While I'll admit, that yes, your shifts are a little messed up because the other third shift cashier got thrown into the bakery for a month, please consider the fact that she was thrown against her will, without training, into a deperatment that she does not know and that regularly makes use of her main food allergy. And also, please consider the fact that said cashier was also my ride to work, and that this change effectively cost me fifteen hundred dollars to buy a vehicle that can at least run me back and forth to work.

So no, this change is not affecting you the most.
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Often times, I'm called into the Asset Protection office to sit in as a witness, usually until the police arrive or while the officer is coming and going while running information on the people that the detectives apprehend.

Usually, it's uncooperative or straight-up indifferent shoplifters who have multiple charges on their record, who more or less view being caught as an inconvenience or even a waste of their time. But the other night, I had to sit in on an apprehension that... actually upset me a little bit.

It was a young couple, college-aged and in the country to go to school at the college next to my workplace. They'd made an attempt to steal $80 worth of merchandise, and were caught as they left the store. It was their first shoplifting attempt; it was obviously their first shoplifting attempt, because the girl was straight up sobbing and shaking, and both of them were begging and pleading with the detective to give them a chance to make it right, that they could pay for the merchandise and they would gladly do it. And I kinda felt bad for them, yenno? They were terrified that they were going to be sent back to India, and, while I highly doubt that the judge will deport them based on one shoplifting charge, when it's their first offense, they were so afraid that this one mistake would ruin their livelihood and I just... I felt for them, you know?

This experience had an extreme impact on them, and I don't believe that they'll ever make an attempt to shoplift again, and I hope everything turns out okay for them.

But let this be a message for you all. If you have the means to pay for your merchandise, just pay for it. I understand if you've fallen on hard times and have to steal food to feed your family, but that's not what this situation entailed. If you just want the merchandise, but don't want to pay for it, just don't do it. It's not worth it.
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So at work, in the back room back toward the breakroom, there is a display on the wall that congratulates employees each month for winning a drawing, and two names are picked every month and photos are taken of the winning employees.

Well, a few months ago I made my way past this display to get some supplies out of central supply and

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Last week, it took myself and two other coworkers to change a trash can.

This trash can in particular had been sitting there for a week, unemptied, with no trash bag completely filled with shit and paper towels left over from some random spill earlier in the week. By the time we noticed and decided to empty it, it was packed full and took myself, Chrissy and Anna and four large trash bags to empty.

And that's not to mention the smell. I had been putting it off that that fountain machine was leaking somewhere again and was starting to smell, but it wasn't, it was that trash can.

So last night, I had the extra time and decided to wash it out.

It had time to dry, so the smell wasn't quite as bad, but it was still there so I dragged it into the stinky room and filled it to the brim with cleaner and water.

But that's not where I failed. Where I failed is... I forgot how much sixty gallons of water weighed.

I had to kick that motherfucker against the wall to dump it.
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To read the previous installment, click here.

27). If you're really going to be stupid enough ton look at me and say "Do you have a regular checkout lane open?" without even looking up and seeing that, yes, there is a regular checkout lane open and yes, the light is on, I'm still going to tell you "no, we don't" simply because you're a fucking moron and I'm tired of being asked that stupid question.

28). When you come into the store at eleven-thirty at night, just after shift change and look at me and say "Do you have anything bigger?" when you just bought a pack of gum and handed me a hundred dollar bill and I'm giving you your change in fives and ones, you're probably going to get smacked in the face.
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Not so much Idiot of the Week as just some serious facepalming.

We found a child's shirt in one of the freezers last night.

How does that happen?
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I've been neglecting LJ; you all have gotten bits and pieces of random but not very many actual updates, what with my trip to New York and the fights over the internet with Jim and the fact that the customers were likewise trying to kill us over the Easter holidays. And I turned all of my messages back on on deviantART. More on that later.

I cut my hair. After months of fighting with Jim to cut it for me, I broke down while I was in New York and got it cut at the mall. I spent $18 on it and I loves it ^.^ I don't really have a good picture of it but I'll take a webcam photo of it later after I've had a shower because right now it looks like a horse licked my head! That's the only bad thing about having really short hair is that when I wake up, I look like something out of God of War. But the fact that it takes a whole 45 seconds to wash it now as opposed to 10 minutes... I'm not complaining there ^.^

My dad got married. I haven't posted any photos from that yet and I'm kinda procrastinating because that takes a ridiculous amount of time.

Before I left for New York, quite literally the day before, I hurt my knee at work. It was Easter Sunday (Saturday night/Sunday morning. My concept of when one days switches to another is a bit screwy) and I'm still not quite sure what I did, but it feels like I twisted or sprained it. I probably did it while I was pushing carts (it's easy to do stuff like that while pushing fifteen carts at a time. Which is why they only let us push ten. Oh well, what they don't know won't hurt -gets shot-) but I didn't notice it until about six am when I was putting out the Sunday ads and my knee got stiff. It didn't hurt (not until the next night), but I still let the bossman know that I hurt myself. I didn't submit an incident report because a) I was leaving for new York in less than 24 hours and there wouldn't have been much point, b) I have no idea how I did it, and c) I probably did it doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing anyway.

It doesn't hurt now (except when I occasionally move it the wrong way) and all the stiffness is gone so I should be fine for when I go back to work on Saturday.

I still haven't really got much done as far as artwork on the computer goes. As for the artwork in my notebook... I've finished two and I'm working on a third right now.

I had a major music swap with my sister. I copied all of the music on my external hard drive to her computer and did the same with hers. I now own every 80's era one-hit wonder, and then some that even I have never heard, and this is coming from a late 80's/early 90's child. I just finished loading everything onto my iPod and sitting here listening to it, I'm laughing my ass off. It has graduated from "Playlist Full of Fail" to "Playlist Full of Epic Fail."

An example of the last ten tracks I have listened to (beginning with what I am listening to now):

-"Devil's Path" by Dimmu Borgir
-"Lose Yourself" by Eminem
-"Hit Me Hard" by Noisuf-X
-"Puttin' on the Ritz" by Taco
-"Down" by Blackcentr
-"Fucking Perfect" by P!nk
-"From the Cradle to Enslave" by Cradle of Filth
-"Honey" by Mariah Carey
-"Ai (Chouseishiin)" by the Excel Girls (Excel Saga theme song)
-"Our House" by Madness

Kara's playlist is going to be similar since she has all of my music now as well. It should be entertaining considering her boyfriend hates half of the music she had before, and now she has all of the industrial and EBM that I listen to now. -insert troll face here-

And now for my fail of the week.

On the morning of the wedding, Reehana was coming to get me to take care of my hair and makeup (I don't wear makeup on a regular basic, so I wasn't trusting myself with it) and to drive me there because we couldn't fit everybody in Kara's car (if I was about sixty pounds lighter, I could have just squeezed between the the childrens' carseats). I grabbed my crap from my bag so I could brush my teeth and I was texting Reehana at the same time and I squeezed the toothpaste on my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth.

...It wasn't toothpaste.

I had grabbed a tube of hydrocortizone cream instead of the toothpaste, and I had to brush my teeth THREE times to get that taste out of my mouth.

Okay, now for deviantART. I recently took over one of the cybergoth groups I've been watching. The original founder was stepping down and I volunteered my services, along with another member. I figured, I would just be a helping admin, but no, I ended up with full control of the group. Which has been fun considering I'm a freakin' n00b when it comes to running a group. Luckily, it's not terribly high traffic (maybe one or two submissions a day) so I'm getting the hang of it.

I also turned off the deviation messages of some of the groups I'm watching to bring it to a more manageable level. 200 deviations a day is manageable. 900 isn't.

I FINALLY got my paws on a copy of the first Kingdom Hearts game!

I think that's about it. It probably isn't, but I'll remember all the other crap after I post this, but, oh well. My wrists hurt from all this typing.
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-Apparently, I've been somewhat of a dick recently, I guess. I didn't actually realize it until last night at work.

I've had the world's worst case of food poisoning since yesterday morning, and I still went to work last night because it would just be cruel if I left Shelley there by herself on a Saturday night.

It was almost 12:30 before I was able to get off lane to close the GM doors (half an hour late) and when I got that taken care of, Caleb (the media person) came up to me and asked if he could go on his break.

And I snapped at him. Badly.

I apologized, and he actually didn't mind it (he is the clueless emo kid after all), but I still felt bad, and kinda do still.

I guess I've been a bitch for a while. I think I just need my vacation.

-Another point about wanting my vacation to just get here already; I need somebody my age to hang out with.

About all I ever do is go to work and then go back home, and then on occasion, walk through the trails through Clifton (which I can't do by myself because I have a weak ankle, and the trails are on top of fifty-foot cliffs and my mom gets all paranoid about my ankle giving out on me and me falling over the cliffs). I haven't been out to hang out with anyone my own age (not counting when I went to New York last summer) in almost six years.

My coworkers are all over 40, and any friends I do have my own age are just friends from work, and we don't actually hang out. And I'm getting very bored.
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I actually have two funnist people I know, and they each have reasons as to why they're tied for first place as my favorite coworker.

The first one is Shelley. We've all met her before, because she's always doing something stupid enough or funny enough for me to write about it, so if you wanna know my reasons as to why she's my favorite, then just read through my journal.

The second person who is tied in first place is Zi (her name is Zahida, but we all just call her Zi).

Any pre-concieved assumptions you all might have that Muslim women are boring people who just listen to their husbands might want to throw that assumption right out the window; Zi has one hell of a personality, and she has a lot of it.

I love it when she gets stuck on the night shift with us, she does her excercises right out there on the floor with us and laughs her ass off as she does them (LP has to get a kick out of watching her over the cameras).

Right after they brought the coin-operated ponies back, her and Nelli had a little photo-shoot of the two of them playing on the pony. And the best part about that? We never got caught!
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So last night's idiot...

There are a lot of people who come through the store, pick up a pop from the coolers, and drink it as they walk around the store, but they'll still pay for it before they leave.

However, last night is the first time I've seen someone pick up a beer from the shelf (which is totally fucking illegal!) and drink it while walking around the store.

Management let him off easy though, instead of calling Loss Prevention on him (which is what I would have done), they just made him pay for it and asked him to leave.


I think I need to stop drawing so much yaoi in my notebook, since my mom really likes to look through my book and I really don't want to show it to her since it's so full of gay.

That or I need to stop drawing all of my pretty drawings in there.

Or just stop letting her look at it in general.


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