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I have a thing that happened the other night at work that I have been trying to write about; that I have been trying to write about since monday, that I am nowhere even close to finishing because a). the actual story is so fucking long and my salt and sarcasm levels are way off the charts, and I've just been very meh when it comes to writing. Which is one of several reasons why I decided to slowly start migrating back over to livejournal, and subsequently, here on dreamwidth because I feel obligated to write much more than the one-liners I shit out over on tumblr.

But writer's block is a fucking bitch, and being a procrastinator on top of it...

I took some fic requests on tumblr a few weeks ago, and while I've managed to get some words out with a few of the prompts I was given, as soon as I stopped writing for whatever reason, I've not been able to pic it back up and the fics are just sitting there, waiting for me to finish them, and I just can't do it.

I bought one of these several months ago on a whim at work. Each page has a simple story starter at the top and the goal is to take it from there and to write a story for each prompt. I have yet to even touch this book.

I think I might challenge myself to write out one or two stories from this book a week, partly because a). writing by hand is terrible and I hate it and I need to get over this, and b). I might be able to actually finish a story, even if it's just something short and stupid.
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Photo unrelated. I just took a walk and happened to pass through the local cemetery and oh god was it nice.

Anyway, I have been very lax about writing; I initially remade my livejournal and dreamwidth so I had an excuse to blog in detail every day, so that I could get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis. I’ve been horribly blocked where art and writing both have been concerned; I think I may have gotten past the actual mental block, but I’m still stuck on the procrastination portion of creative block, and if I don’t start doing something about it now, I never will.

I spent the last few hours backlogging all of the stuff I’ve been doing since I last backlogged, and I think I may finally be caught up, minus a few art posts that I’ll get to later.

I actually had something constructive I wanted to write about, but I seem to have lost it somewhere along my walk, so I’ll just, write about it later when I remember it.


Aug. 1st, 2016 01:03 pm
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This is mostly a reminder to myself to look up any plot and information I have for an old fic idea that I randomly remembered just now called "Cold Hard Cash," as well as any possible way I could make it akusai instead of akuroku because otp.
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Just a few longer projects that I've been brainstorming on for a while now, and just want to get written down and posted so that I may at some point start writing out scripts and start drawing them.

The Ghosts of You: A BL comic I've been plotting out for about a year and a half now. It was initially gonna be a fanfiction (AkuRoku with minor RokuNami) but it seemed in my head to work better as a comic and with some original characters, but the problem is, I don't have any characters to work with on this one. Normally with original works, I'd just rotate my normal characters around, but I don't have any already existing characters that would work very well in a sappy BL story. So I need to make some specifically for this project.

Project summary: The protagonist suddenly finds himself with the ability to see death before it happens, and he sees the future death of his boyfriend, over and over again. The only key to saving his lover's life lies in a girl with a terminal brain tumor, but stopping his lover's untimely death may also destroy his relationship with him. Contains Boy/Boy and mild Boy/Girl.

The Wizard of Ozz: This is my own parodic rendition of the Wizard of Oz, starring Bradley as Dorothy, Kazoo as the Scarecrow, Penny as the Copper Girl and Ozzy Osbourne as the great and powerful Wizard. More characters will receive roles as I brainstorm for this, and you all may start getting some crackish reference drawings for this comic project here soon.

Project summary: A bad storm leaves Bradley with a serious head injury, and when he wake up, he discovers that he's not in Kansas anymore. And did I mention he's in a dress?

Super Goth Guy and Shit Girl vs. Santa Claws: I don't really have a summary written out for this comic, but it involves Santa Claus being turned into a zombie and wreaking havoc on Christmas, and our heroes go and fuck up some shit.
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I don't know what I did to my foot this time around, but it's been bothering me for about two months now, and it's starting to get to where I can't walk on it.

I'm starting to get a little bit of motivation back where work is concerned; I've been able to complete our cleaning list and still have time left over to goof off. I've had a lot of time off during the last two weeks (good for my sanity. Bad for my wallet --__--), in which I'm not hating Meijer's quite as much. There's been a slight staff change; we've acquired Chrissy on third shift which has helped in getting our cleaning done because she doesn't stop working (can't say the same for Nelli), and they've replaced all of the candy racks on the checklanes, which will make it easier to keep them clean now, at least without knocking a pile of gift cards on the floor in the process.

My TV finally bit the big one. It's about as old as I am, give or take a year, but the picture was starting to warp and jump a bit, and it was actually when I turned the TV on to show my mom that it was getting ready to die that it finally dies. I thought it was the remote at first, because every time I pushed the power button, the only thing it would do was straighten out the warped picture as well as mute out all sound. I leaned over and pressed the power button on the TV itself, and it did the same thing!

I actually had to reach around and physically unplug it to shut it off. And I thought the checklanes at work were dusty... Apparently, I need to dust. Badly.

Imma go through some serious video game withdrawls until I can get to Goodwill to get a new one (because I'm cheap like that).

I've set a goal for myself as far as my hiatus for fic-writing goes. I have my journal/notebook/thingy that I've been steadily transferring all of my fan fiction into over the last few months (in my itty-bitty space-saving handwriting), so I think I'll concentrate on that for a while and then start trying to finish up some of my ongoing projects once I've got that out of the way. I'm about halfway done with that now.

As far as I know, I may have access to a tablet here soon, because my stepdad said he'd let me use his for a while until I can afford my own. But there are two problems there: Number one, is that Jim's tablet could be absolutely anywhere in the house. He has no idea where. And number two, is that he has the memory of a snail. He'll never remember that he's supposed to be looking for it.


In unrelated news:

--P-A-I-N! P-A-I-N!

--I think I might have a new computer virus.

--Repo! The Genetic Opera is my new favorite movie.

--Just because it looks edible doesn't mean it is. Trust me.

--I'm really considering going Paid account again just to get rid of these stupid ads...
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What exactly is art block all about? Let me tell you.

It's when my plotbunnies decide to go on strike, all the while holding my creativity hostage and drilling holes into my skull and using an egg beater to scramble my brain into mush until it dribbles out of my ears. Sometimes, I would really like to rip their fuzzy little ears off and nail them to the ceiling above my bed. Like nail bunny.

It's when my muse hands in her resignation letter and hops onto the first flight to the Bahamas, only to inexplicably disappear somewhere in the bermuda triangle. Sometimes, I wish a time rift would open randomly and she would reappear somewhere in front of me, preferably when I'm feeling rather ninja with my sword in my hands so I can chop her head off.

It's when I sit and stare at my computer screen for hours on end, listening to the story flow inside my head, but my hands don't seem to be willing to work; at least enough to write down more than three sentences a day. Sometimes, I wish my hands would work like the thousand monkeys at a typewriter, so that way I can post an update to one of my stories.

It's when I have ten unfinished drawings sitting in front of me, each one is wonderful in its own right but it will never be finished because I can't focus long enough on one thing to keep interest in it. Sometimes I wish I could just draw one thing that I can be exceptionally proud of, at least enough to hang up on my own walls.

It's when my dreams go in a thousand different directions, throwing new ideas at me too fast for me to jot down so that they'll ever see the light of day. Sometimes, I wish I could just have the same dream over and over again, if only so my subconscious desires can see completion.

It's when my attention span become non-existent, and the smallest things can pull me off the path that could have regained my inspiration. Sometimes, I just wish I had an attention span.

Sometimes, being an artist really pisses me off.
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No seriously, I really need to get out of the house...

Uugh... I lost the original notebook that I had all my fanfics written in, so I started writing them in my English Notebook, and my hand feels like it's gonna fall off. TT^TT It takes for-freakin'-ever, because I'm writing really freakin' small, so that way I conserve space and because that's the only way I can actually read my own handwriting. Sad ne?

Of course, each oneshot/chapter doesn't fit perfectly in the boxes I draw out for them, so I have these spaces left over where I can draw something, so I've been filling them with random akuroku drawings. And Bayonetta. I drew Bayonetta in the space left over at the end of my smuttiest oneshot. I dunno why, I just felt like drawing her there, and her guns are hard as hell to fucking draw!

And they've been trying to kill us at work, like usual, with Shelley being off due to her knee and it getting busier, and their unwillingness to fucking hire somebody until Shelley gets back!

I suppose that's all, I guess. I guess there's more I could write about, but I'm really just too lazy to.

I've had heartburn for three days now >xP
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Maybe it's just the fact that my skull feels like it's gonna split in two, or the fact that I just got my first period in the last two and a half months, but I am just completely irritated.

Everything is getting to me, and out of everything, it's these main things:

Snoring: My stepbrother decided he had to move into the room right next to mine, and even with my music on, I can hear his loud-ass snoring through the walls. The sad part about that is that I'm about half-deaf. Not to mention that aside from the sound of a thousand kittens dying a thousand horrible deaths, snoring is the noise that makes me want to shove a broken guitar through someone's small intestine. I just so happen to have a very broken guitar, and Jason just so happens to have a small intestine.

Bad Spelling: This is another big-time pet peeve, which is understandable, considering that I'm a grammar nazi, and if I come across a fic/journal with second grade spelling during a good mood, I might be able to handle it with nothing but a painfully forced smile, and a click onto the next page. But today.... seriously, oh my fucking god people, if you have to spell "Their" like "Thieyre" in order to get your point across, you shouldn't be writing in the first place.

And don't even get me started on the differences between Their/They're/There and Your/You're because I'll end up ranting for several more pages about that.

Writer's Block: I just posted the first chapter/prologue of yet another fic, and guess what? Spoony has another major case of writer's block. AGAIN!!! But the problem is, writer's block doesn't just affect my writing, it affects everything else as well. Including drawing. I get restless and indecisive, and my attention span shrinks even further, so I'm watching like, twenty minutes of a movie at a time and switching between video games every hour or so, in between pacing through the house like some paranoid girl on speed and walking out in the rain simply because that's what I feel like doing at the moment. It isn't so much as writer's block as just life block. It fucking pisses me off.

My Computer: Big surprise there. But as opposed to being the one that I'm using at the moment that's pissing me off, it's the old one this time. You know, the one that needs to be recycled for a physics lab to test the laws of gravity with. Preferable from a ten-story building.

That particular computer houses a majority of my fanfiction, considering just as I discovered fanfiction . net and yaoi and akuroku, my current computer decided it had to get a nasty case of the flu, you know, the kind that causes a wide variety of various pornographic pop-ups to appear and ultimately freeze everything up. I started a few projects on my old computer and once I finally fixed this one, I began writing How to Drive Your Co-Workers Crazy. Unfortunately, since this computer runs on XP and the old one runs on 95, I was unable to back everything up and move it to this computer, and since I only had one set of power cables, in order to transfer a stroy from one computer to the other, I had to hand-write everything and then retype it. Ha! Fuck that shit!

And then the other night at work, I had this brilliant idea! I physically have the modem for my internet now, so I don't run on wireless anymore (I tried hooking a wireless router up to the old computer. Needless to say, that didn't work), so I thought that I would just hook the ethernet up to the old computer and email everything to myself.

Easy, right?


So what happens to ruin my perfect plan? THE MOUSE FUCKING DIES!!!!!!!!!! So I tried installing one of my USB mice, and guess what? I need a mouse to install it!

So much for that plan.

Trophies: Of course, God of War hands out Trophies like candy, while I'm killing myself trying to attain Trophies for all my other games. God of War is gonna give me a gold Trophy just for completing the game, but in order to gain a Trophy on PAIN, I have to get 69 million points launching David Hasselhoff into a brick building? I'm an achievement whore when it comes to my video games, so needless to say, I nearly destroyed another controller.

I think that's all my ranting for now. I need to go kill something.
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I've always pictured my plotbunnies to be Nail Bunny and Filler Bunny (from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee and other Jhonen Vasques comics in case you didn't already know that), because really sometimes, I'd like to nail them to the ceiling.

But they seem to be working right for me now, because I've started like three different projects with my fan fiction, one of them being me un-hiatusing Liar Liar. I'm rewriting the first two chapters of Liar Liar, but I'm not posting them until I at least have through chapter seven completely written. I'm making a new promise to myself that none of my chapter fics will be updated until I'm at least five chapters ahead (except for Dude, Where the Hell's My Dumbass Biodome? because that one's an off the top of my head fic, and will be updated as such; off the top of my head! But I am rewriting chapter seven because I more or less rushed through it to get it posted before I had to go to work).

But I've also got a few one-shots that I'm working on, as well as a three-shot that I'm planning on posting on Halloween, so we won't completely stop hearing from Spoony Monster's AkuRoku obsession. Not to mention that I've been drawing like crazy, so much actually that my hand has started to cramp up which makes it really hard to play any games.

So I don't think I have to assimilate Nail Bunny and Filler Bunny any time soon.


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