Aug. 8th, 2016 07:35 am
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“He’s all like, ‘if you don’t do it my way, it’s wrong,’ but like, is there even a wrong path when it comes to witchcraft?” says my mother, right after telling me that if a witch worships satan that they’re not really a witch, and that magic only works when paired with divinity


Jul. 20th, 2016 03:29 pm
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You know, when I tell you that some witches practice without religion and you shut me down by saying it's not possible to practice without a divine source, and then go to tell me that you're not saying that you're preaching that your way is the only way when i tell you that just because someone practices differently than you that it doesn't mean that their practice is wrong, you are being a hypocrite.

The threefold law is wiccan dogma, and that means it doesn't apply to nonwiccan witches.

The "threefold law" is not Karma. It is not even close to being Karma.

You are a fluffy bunny and you need to educate yourself.


Your secularly practicing child.
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I have an old lisa frank diary that i find laying around every so often when i’m cleaning that is full of really nasty sigilwork from when my pizza was stolen a few years ago, directed at the thief and to protect future pizzas from being stolen without consequences.

I think i used that sigil for two months before cousin vinny’s stopped doing bar runs and bringing us pizza and never had another pizza stolen, but i think it might have been because of the obviously occult markings i scribbled on the box every week and nobody wanted to risk it.

I was really mad over that pizza.
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Things I thought I needed in order to maintain a journal: pretty book with pretty paper that I'll likely fill up in no time.

Things i actually needed in order to maintain a journal: something mobile that i could keep on my person without lugging around a book and write in without people hanging over my shoulder like "WHATCHA WRITING?!"

I spent like ten minutes searching the app store for an appropriate journal app before remembering HERPDERP I HAVE THIS HANDY NOTES APP THAT CAME WITH THE IPOD YOU STUPID FUCK. (update: found an app where i can backdate entries, and subsequently, livejournal)

Mainly, I need someplace to vent that isn't the internet, and i need to get back into writing longer journal entries on a daily basis to try and improve my writing to where it was before I lost everything on my desktop computer. I have a book full of writing prompts to use if i have nothing of substance to write and maybe i can write a few drabbles or something, I dunno.

First thing's first, the apocalypse is officially here because my mother is legit considering using a ouija board to try and communicate with her ghosts. She has always been a die-hard "DO NOT USE OUIJA BOARD BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN" kind of person, but she's having difficulties communicating with the spirits around her and she's been reflecting on a memory of her childhood that's convincing her that maybe that's what she should be doing. I have yet to tell her about my own experiences with a ouija board, but I told her I'd supervise if she needed me to.

I have a ouija board print-out decorating the inside of a notebook that may possibly work with a small enough planchette, but I haven't attempted to use it. I have a possible need to use one for a reason that I'll get into in a minute, but my own conflictions with ouija boards have been stopping me.

I am a studying witch. Not practicing so much (not much more than a few sigils anyway) because my living space is way too cluttered and I literally have no room to work until i clean up all my shit, but a witch i am and a weenie at that.

I love the paranormal. I eould love to work with spirits. I have very little sensitivity and would like to open my third eyeand develop my psychic self and be able to see/communicate with spirits.

I am also terrified of them.

There are moments where paranormals activity doesn't phase me but 99% of the time I'm just like "fuck this shit i'm out" and i high-tail it outta there.

This is my conflict with ouija boards. I think they're the coolest things ever. I want ouija phone cases and t-shirts and all that jazz.

But i am also terrified of them.

Especially the prospect of sitting down and using one on my own. I'm not sure i could handle sitting there in a quiet room on my own while a planchette moves in my hands without any help from me at all.

But i had an experience a few weeks back (on 7/28) that i really need more information on. I was waiting on the ps3 to do something at 2am (or around then), and it was relatively silent in my room, except for the noise from my a/c unit and the fan. I was lying back, still awake but snoozing a little, when i heard a very faint voice.

It was a little girl, but she was so quiet, the only phrases i was able to make out were "I'm not talking to the man who hurt me," and "I'm the red cycle baby," the latter of which was repeated several times. I normally sleep with the tv on and other background noise, so i have no idea if she's been trying to talk to me the whole time, but i'm afraid to turn everything off and listen because of my weenieness where the paranormal is concerned.

So i am considering pulling this book out to use this miniature ouija board to maybe find out what she was trying to tell me.

And hope i don't get anything nasty instead.
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So I'm reading this book on chaos magic and it's making me very confident in my own artistic abilities.


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