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Alternate title: "Fun with duct tape"

Scanner killed most of the details, but I was able to save the colors.

When I went to Michael's last, I found these sexy Prismacolor illustration markers, which are basically colored fineliners and since I work with fineliners a lot I bought them. They didn't have a full pack of the sizes I wanted (.005 and .03) so I got the brush tip ones, which are workable, but still don't give me that really thin line I use for detailing.

Most of the drawing is ballpoint pen, with some darker details on Jane being these illustration pens, as well as the full background.

Title and art inspired by Depeche Mode.

Jane is my cyber OC and belongs to me.
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I tried something with the highlights that I first tried in this deviation that may have worked better had I colored this digitally or with markers. I used a lime green gel pen instead of a white gel pen to make the highlights in a contrasting color, but all it really did was mix with the pencil and come out all muddy, even with digital editing, so I don't think I'll try that technique with colored pencils anymore. As with most traditional art, it looks cooler in person than it does scanned.

When I was adjusting the colors after scanning, the lineart turned purple which I actually think looks really cool!

"Plain" Jane belongs to me.
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A bit of advice kiddies; invest in a high-quality scanner. I adjusted the hell out of the color and contrast levels and I got her hair to look almost like it's supposed to, but I lost almost all of the shading in her skin.

Okay, so this drawing has been sitting in my notebook unfinished since May and I decided to finish it up real quick. It was an experiment in color that was both a win and a fail; I love how her hair turned out, but her skin... I've practically forgotten how to properly color skin with markers.
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If your friends page has a black background, you might want to view this in my journal.


Mar. 15th, 2011 01:51 pm
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This one was actually kinda random; I killed a bottle of Jager and just started drawing and this was what I came up with.

I'm not 100% on Jane's pose; I think it's kinda boring actually, but I'm exceedingly jealous over her smexy dreadfalls ^.^


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