Dec. 28th, 2011 03:44 am
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I tried a semi-realistic approach to this. It didn't work very well :/

This is actually the very first finished drawing from my moleskine, even if it only covers less than half a page.

I tried to do a similar thing with the ballpoint pen as I did with this drawing.
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I thought it was time that Kazoo got a hair cut, so he now has some sort of mohawk thing. I left out his goggles (read: I totally forgot about them until after I had already inked his head), but I actually think he looks a bit better without them so I think I might leave them out permanently.

I also added a few earrings. No, Kazoo is not a satanist; he is a demon and is allergic to religious symbols, hence the inverted cross earrings!

This was one of those laziness drawings; the file has been sitting open for a week now and I've only been working on it a little bit at a time.
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I hope you guys get as big a giggle looking at this as I did drawing it : )

This is the first picture from the "I drew Bradley in a nurse uniform so I'm now going to draw all of my male OC's in drag because I can" decision of mine.

Of course it was originally draw them all in drag against their will, but then I started thinking about their personalities, and that turned out being that Bradley would be the only one who hated me for it.

Kazoo is a demon so this just gives him an excuse to be a floozy.
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This is actually a few months old and was my "long drive to New York is long so I need something to do for the next eleven hours" drawing.

'Tis my main demon, Kazoo, playing a motherfucking gameboy! How many of you out there are even old enough to remember those!?

This was just some fun with shadows, and then some fun with a red pen. And then some fun with a black pen.

And then some fun with GIMP over the last few hours when I was cleaning out my hard drive and found this and went "Oh shit! Maybe I should finish this and post it!" so here ya go. I actually still have something that I drew before I lost my other computer that still isn't uploaded. Maybe I should get working on that one now...
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I was looking through one of my old notebooks and found a drawing of a very unhappy Bradley in a maid outfit, so I drew this, in like two hours.

The characters shown are Kazoo (the demon) and Bradley (in the maid outfit)

A little background info in both of them:


Full Name: Kazoo. He's a demon and has no last name.

Age: 665 years old.

Sexuality: Gay for Bradley.

Likes: Bradley, loud industrial music, Bradley, thunderstorms, Bradley, the color red, Bradley, caffiene, Bradley, video games, and Bradley

Dislikes: religious symbols (he is a demon after all), talk shows, when Bradley resists his sexual advances

Distinguishing Features: Demon characteristics (pointy ears, horns, wings and a tail), stark white hair, and he is always wearing red.

Bio: Unlike many demons, Kazoo does absolutely nothing to hide what he is and wears his demon heritage proudly. He spends most of his free times playing 100+ hour JRPG's and concocting elaborate plots to get Bradley naked in his bed. He is a sharp dresser and had a fondness for the color red.


Full Name: Bradley Vincent Ramirez

Age: 21 years old.

Sexuality: Questionable. (He c;aims to be straight, but is very bad at it)

Likes: food, the color green, violent video games, all music, cats, and Penny (who can be seen here)

Dislikes: when food takes too long to cook, Kazoo's elaborate plots to get him into bed, snakes

Distinguishing features: Usually wears a striped shirt and a stupid green beret, has a permanent case of hat-hair, spiked collar and wristbands (rape protection)

Bio: Bradley is misfortune on legs. If it can happen to someone, it has probably happened to him; he's had the chicken pox three times, he accidentally killed a girl on their first date, and he has a demon and a psychopath constantly following him around and trying to rape him. He can usually be seen with food in his hands, and the greasier the food is, the better.


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