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I didn’t want to post a lineart, but I really like this lineart so here’s a lineart.

I’m doing new things with noses and it looks weird.

Also Jane has new tattoos.
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I originally only had that black background so I could see what I was doing while adding all the sexiness to the background, but it looks really cool so I left the black background.

I drew this on the bus ride home from new york.
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I actually just had to repost this to tumblr because tumblr is apparently losing the posts that come from my queue.

Random AkuRoku feels and a cyber chick with a dreadhawk that I really really want.
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I got bored today.

The wonky cigarette hand in the one on the bottom totally ruined the whole picture.
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Random Jane with a giant lollipop.

I'm getting really good at drawing without a pencil.


Jul. 27th, 2012 05:21 am
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I wanted to start this off with a couple of recent doodles from the last few days.

More under here. There is nudity ahead! )


Jun. 18th, 2012 04:57 am
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I kinda feel bad for all the cybergoth lovers on deviantART that unwatched me when I started posting fanart again, because I’ve been uploading some fucking awesome shit over the last few weeks.

Anyway, this was one of those random doodles that kinda become sorta cool when I inked it, then really cool when I colored it, and then motherfucking awesome once I took my art programs to it. GIMP doesn’t like those spray paint brushes.
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I had the most awkward night at work last night. I kept getting randomly hit by OTP feels at the most inappropriate times.

Ringing out a customer? OTP feels.

Pushing carts? OTP feels.

Helping a customer pick out printer ink? OTP feels.

So have some derpy AkuRoku that I drew on some receipt paper.

And here's a few more doodles from the last two days.

In addition to the random OTP moments, I was also in a pony mood, so I drew a few ponies. The first one is actually based off another colored drawing that everyone will probably see tomorrow or so after I'm done photoshopping it, of some random cyber dude with foam and tubes coming out of his head that I also put in pony form and may possibly have a new pony OC because of it.

His name is Rivet Head. His cutie mark is a biohazard symbol.

The second one is my Jane pony, who I've named Cotton Candy after her color scheme. Her cutie mark is Jane's star tattoo.

These two are from the other night.

At first, I drew this really awesome goth chick, and then her hairstyle reminded me of Larxene, so I drew Larxene.


Jun. 12th, 2012 04:38 am
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Titled because I used my new distress ink on the background.


Oh, and this isn't Jane; it's just a random cyber girl who turned out looking kinda like Jane. Jane's head isn't shaved, nor does she have a septum piercing or stretched ears.

Also her clothes are supposed to be PVC, I hope I was able to show that in my coloring.
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I was trying to make a really quick picture because I'm always envious of those artists that can upload 564832773648 pictures in one week, but it still took me several hours because I just had to do this in my moleskine which has a weird paper texture so my fineliners - which normally only take seconds to fully dry - take almost an hour to dry enough where I can erase the pencil without smearing anything.

And I haven't done any cybergoth pictures in a while, so we've got a very colorful, half-nekkid Jane.

The coloring and gel pen highlights aren't the greatest because the drawing is only four inches high, so it's quite small.
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Alternate title: "Fun with duct tape"

Scanner killed most of the details, but I was able to save the colors.

When I went to Michael's last, I found these sexy Prismacolor illustration markers, which are basically colored fineliners and since I work with fineliners a lot I bought them. They didn't have a full pack of the sizes I wanted (.005 and .03) so I got the brush tip ones, which are workable, but still don't give me that really thin line I use for detailing.

Most of the drawing is ballpoint pen, with some darker details on Jane being these illustration pens, as well as the full background.

Title and art inspired by Depeche Mode.

Jane is my cyber OC and belongs to me.
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I tried something with the highlights that I first tried in this deviation that may have worked better had I colored this digitally or with markers. I used a lime green gel pen instead of a white gel pen to make the highlights in a contrasting color, but all it really did was mix with the pencil and come out all muddy, even with digital editing, so I don't think I'll try that technique with colored pencils anymore. As with most traditional art, it looks cooler in person than it does scanned.

When I was adjusting the colors after scanning, the lineart turned purple which I actually think looks really cool!

"Plain" Jane belongs to me.
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Edit 4/26/17: when the actual fuck

what the actual fuck

why the actual fuck
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Click here for boobies! )


This was basically an excuse to draw Hime's scars and tattoo. I've had the image of this tattoo in my head for several years now and have never drawn it because either she was standing at an angle where it wasn't very visible or she was wearing too many clothes or her hair was in the way. so I took her clothes off and made her hold her hair back!

And bewbs are a plus as well,especially for my male LJ friends who have to put up with all the gay I've been submitting lately.

I have a pretty colorful drawing of her on the way here soon too, so I'll put her bio up with that.

The tattoo is still a work in progress, so it'll likely change a bit in future drawings.

Hime belongs to me.
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A bit of advice kiddies; invest in a high-quality scanner. I adjusted the hell out of the color and contrast levels and I got her hair to look almost like it's supposed to, but I lost almost all of the shading in her skin.

Okay, so this drawing has been sitting in my notebook unfinished since May and I decided to finish it up real quick. It was an experiment in color that was both a win and a fail; I love how her hair turned out, but her skin... I've practically forgotten how to properly color skin with markers.
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Because I'm just so clever when it comes to naming my deviations XD

Some of you may know Khaos already, but I know that nobody has met Joachim yet.

These characters aren't normally cybergoth characters, but I drew them this way since Khaos's original costume design was kinda cyber-ish (truth be told, Joachim's hair isn't even long enough to hold those epically heavy hair falls) and because I haven't drawn anything cybergoth in a while and I was starting to go through withdrawals.

I'll put character bios up with the colored version.

Art Dump

Jun. 29th, 2011 10:48 am
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I figured I'd post the requests that I have done so far.


Request for bumblebea597 on deviantART.

Goddamn motherfuck of holy fucking god Axel's head is huge!

Her request was for Axel to be dressing Roxas in a nurse's uniform, which in my brain translated into Axel squeezing Roxas into a nurse's uniform three sizes too small for him ^.^

two more under the cut )
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Theme #86: Seeing Red

Song: "Paint Hell Red" by Angelspit (not on my list)

Okay, so there's kind of a funny story behind this one.

Okay, so she's basically standing there with the paint brushes in her hand for no apparent reason, because the original intent of this picture was for the words "Paint Hell Red" to be "painted" in red with green accents (a color scheme I have been using a lot of as you'll see in future uploads) next to her to go with the song and the theme.

Well, I had made this nice pretty black border on the other half of the page in which I was planning on drawing the lettering to go with this drawing.

I wasn't initially going to upload this until the other "half" was done, but it's not a horribly detailed picture and I should have it done either later today before I go to bed, or, depending on how distracted I get with Spongebob and Kingdom Hearts, early tomorrow morning.

Okay, now onto the actual picture itself.

This is actually another drawing of this original character who as of this moment, still remains nameless (I'm honestly trying to think of a rather boring and mundane name because most goth-style OC's have these epically cool names that all sound the same and I can't be normal like most people and I have to give most of my OC's boring names like Jane or Bradley), and who normally isn't a cybergoth character but I decided that I wanted the foam falls and plastic tubes sticking out of her head.

Her facial expression was supposed to be laid back and bored-looking, but she ended up looking angry. Very very angry.
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If your friends page has a black background, you might want to view this in my journal.


Mar. 15th, 2011 01:51 pm
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This one was actually kinda random; I killed a bottle of Jager and just started drawing and this was what I came up with.

I'm not 100% on Jane's pose; I think it's kinda boring actually, but I'm exceedingly jealous over her smexy dreadfalls ^.^


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