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Did you ever spend four days lazily coloring in the background of a drawing with a black gel pen because you’re committed to a piece’s Aesthetic™, only to remember 2/3 of the way through that you have a brush pen, and not just any brush pen, but the same exact brush pen you used to lineart the drawing in the first place, and that just filling in the background with that would have been infinitely easier? No? Just me?

Anyway, this was supposed to be one of those cliche “day and night” type things, and I thought it would be neat to try and replicate these drawings in their hair, but it just turned out looking like they had terrible dreadlocks, which is definitely not what I was going for.


Jul. 16th, 2017 11:39 am
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I think that some people forget that we have characters such as Riku and Lea, who did some things far worse than Saix ever did, who have either gotten a full redemption arc or are in the process of going through theirs.

Riku, like Saix, was a vessel for Xehanort's heart, who let his own jealousy and need for freedom consume him, and therefore opened himself up to Ansem/Xehanort's influence. He was able to overcome this, and Sora forgave him. The fandom forgave him. Riku did some fucked up shit in KH1, felt bad about it, and was a fully redeemed character by the end of KH2.

And Lea. As Axel, he did his fair share of bad things, usually for selfish reasons or because Saix told him to do it. Hell, I do still think his entire redemption arc is fueled by his own selfish reasons, because that fits his character, and again, the fandom has forgiven him.

So why doesn't Saix/Isa deserve forgivness?
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fairly bloody drawing of ghostly fictional characters under the cut )

These scribbles are a few months old, and I found them when I found the witch!namine lineart, and I slapped some color on them really quick. I mostly wanted some color so I could define Naminé’s wounds, and I colored Roxas just because.

This is for my Liber Nox AU.

more details... again cut for violence and character death )
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Lol this was supposed to be a halloween drawing like two years ago; i drew the lineart then and forgot about it until i found it like an hour ago, so I colored it real quick.

Some witch!Naminé because why the fuck not.
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I was digging through the notes in my phone and came across this au idea that I don't remember ever writing but am still in love with the idea of, so here's a self-indulgent hitman au.

warning for some violence beneath the cut )
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It's amazing how quickly an anti can take this:

And turn it into this:

a little image heavy under the cut. also cut for abuse mentions )

I've managed to stay out of most of the kingdom hearts discourse, which is amazing because I have 1000+ followers on that blog and I used to be a huge akuroku fan, but on occasion, I still get those anons and I just...

Yes, my fave is problematic. Get over it.

Oh, and then the next morning, I got this:

Like if I wasn't so horribly addicted to the content I consume on tumblr, and if I didn't have so many friends over there, I probably would have deleted my tumblr a long time ago. Fandom on tumblr is so fucking toxic and I hate it.
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a xion from the same au as this axel

she’s a witch, and while she’s not clairvoyant like axel, and therefor can’t actually see the ghosts and shit, she can conjure and control them

I am officially calling this au “Liber Nox”
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Okay so this was a ridiculously quick doodle. Like i literally sketched a thing and slapped some color on it.

This is concept art for an au i’m working on, that so far has no official name.

Axel is a medium, Xion is a witch, Roxas is a lost soul and Saix is a homicide detective that gets thrown in the middle of all this shit.
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I have like five or six aus that i consistently refer to and i really need to draw and share shit from them at some point. But my newest one is a modern witchcraft type au that uses actual occult practices and throws a fantasy twist onto them.

i.e. servitors and familiar spirits that actually have a physical form.

Also i really need to just break down and use a pencil when just making a black ink drawing. The purple sketch is distracting.
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So i found these little 3 ½" x 4 ½" sketchbooks at work for like a dollar so naturally I bought all of them.

Broke the first one in with some akusai from the Alaska au. In the process discovered I need to play with their character designs a little bit.
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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuRoku
Rating: T
Word count: 185
Summary: none
Genre: friendship/romance
Warnings: none
Other links: { tumblr }

"Axel," Roxas hissed, looking back and forth so fast his neck cracked as they walked down the dark street. "I am not up for your shenanigans this late at night!"

“Come on,” Axel whined. “Just you, me, and some fireworks up on the roof.”

Roxas stopped in his tracks, the grocery bag in his hands swinging lightly against his legs

“Fireworks?” He looked at the box that Axel carried in his hands, and the range of explosives that it contained. There were some in that box that looked like small rockets. “Are any of those even legal?”


Roxas sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. “Okay, how about you just come over for the night, we watch a movie, and then you give those to a professional in the morning,”

“Are you inviting me up for a booty call?”

“No,” Roxas answered. “But I am inviting you up for the chance to do something that isn’t going to burn a building down.”

Axel mock-thought about it for a moment. “Hmm… okay, but I get to choose the movie,”

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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuRoku
Rating: T
Word count: 116
Summary: none
Genre: romance/humor
Warnings: none
Other links: { tumblr }

The fire department had sped past Roxas on his way home, sirens wailing, but when he approached the house he shared with Axel surrounded with fire trucks and paramedics as they tried to put out the smoldering remains that was their kitchen, he panicked.

When he spotted Axel half a second later, seated on the back bumper of an ambulance while a paramedic tended to his wounds, he was relieved.

Roxas ran up to them.

“Axel? What happened?”

There was a pause before the redhead spoke. “Did you know that if you pour water on a grease fire, that you get a mushroom cloud of flames?”

Roxas didn’t know whether to kiss him or kill him.
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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuRoku
Rating: T
Word count: 61
Summary: none
Genre: Romance
Warnings: none
Other links: { tumblr }

It was a momentary lapse of judgement on Roxas’s part. He’s been caught up in the moment, a spontaneous decision to bring his new fling home, and they’d been half undressed when the moogle that had set up shop in the corner of Roxas’s bedroom all those months ago decided to make an appearance.

“Condoms at a discount, Kupo,”

Axel screamed.
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I was scrolling through the akuroku search on mobile and i saw someone send an anon to another person because “if you’re not drawing akuroku why put it in the tag lol delete your misfire” (not in those exact words but you get the picture)

And here’s the thing.

They did not put it in the akuroku tag.

It was not tagged #akuroku.

If you saw it then you were using the search system and not the tag system. Either use xkit’s classic tags extention or track “#akuroku” (with the hashtag). Or block the person.

Sure, the person in question could have aku///r/oku-ed instead to keep it out of the search, and that is on them, but not sending pointless hate to someone for mentioning that they’re not going to do commissions for something that makes them uncomfortable is on you.

Quietly block and move on, or alter your tracked tags or xkit settings. Please stop fanning the flames on this stupid ship war.
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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuSai
Rating: T
Word count: 653
Summary: Axel pulled back after a moment with a grin as wide as his face. “I gotta admit, that was smooth,” Saïx didn’t even dignify him with a response, just wrapping his fingers in red hair and tugging him back down again to ravage him for all he was worth.
Genre: romance/fluff
Warnings: none
Notes: Part of the Things You Said series
Other links: { AO3 | ff.net | tumblr }

The night was chilly, rainy, and all around miserable, but Saïx was warm and comfortable holed up on Axel’s couch )


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