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I was ponying my way out of art block and the pony I was drawing kinda looked like Medical Attention, so I drew Medical Attention.

I keep forgetting how horribly gel pens scan.

Art Dump

Aug. 22nd, 2012 06:08 am
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Pony lineart. Some random goth pony that I haven't colored and wanted to scan and post before I packed my scanner.

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Jun. 28th, 2012 05:13 am
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Here, have some Madness!Crona.

Some more from the last week or so:

Some random chick with dreads.

My ponysona.
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I had the most awkward night at work last night. I kept getting randomly hit by OTP feels at the most inappropriate times.

Ringing out a customer? OTP feels.

Pushing carts? OTP feels.

Helping a customer pick out printer ink? OTP feels.

So have some derpy AkuRoku that I drew on some receipt paper.

And here's a few more doodles from the last two days.

In addition to the random OTP moments, I was also in a pony mood, so I drew a few ponies. The first one is actually based off another colored drawing that everyone will probably see tomorrow or so after I'm done photoshopping it, of some random cyber dude with foam and tubes coming out of his head that I also put in pony form and may possibly have a new pony OC because of it.

His name is Rivet Head. His cutie mark is a biohazard symbol.

The second one is my Jane pony, who I've named Cotton Candy after her color scheme. Her cutie mark is Jane's star tattoo.

These two are from the other night.

At first, I drew this really awesome goth chick, and then her hairstyle reminded me of Larxene, so I drew Larxene.
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Yeah, I have no life so I ponied.

Name: Spoony Monster

Special Talent: Much like Fluttershy holds a special relationship with cute fluffy animals, Spoony Monster is close and friendly with the monsters and scary creatures of the Everfree Forest.
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A request done for my friend David of his Ponysona, Artemis. I horribly miscalculated while cutting out the background.

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