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I haven't drawn monster girls in a while.
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Did you ever spend four days lazily coloring in the background of a drawing with a black gel pen because you’re committed to a piece’s Aesthetic™, only to remember 2/3 of the way through that you have a brush pen, and not just any brush pen, but the same exact brush pen you used to lineart the drawing in the first place, and that just filling in the background with that would have been infinitely easier? No? Just me?

Anyway, this was supposed to be one of those cliche “day and night” type things, and I thought it would be neat to try and replicate these drawings in their hair, but it just turned out looking like they had terrible dreadlocks, which is definitely not what I was going for.
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fairly bloody drawing of ghostly fictional characters under the cut )

These scribbles are a few months old, and I found them when I found the witch!namine lineart, and I slapped some color on them really quick. I mostly wanted some color so I could define Naminé’s wounds, and I colored Roxas just because.

This is for my Liber Nox AU.

more details... again cut for violence and character death )
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Lol this was supposed to be a halloween drawing like two years ago; i drew the lineart then and forgot about it until i found it like an hour ago, so I colored it real quick.

Some witch!Naminé because why the fuck not.
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I've been trying to dig my way out of this art block, which lead to doodling, which lead to whatever these are.

While trying to color these, I have since learned that my white ink pad and white gel pen have dried out and that my markers are on their way out as well. Prismacolors, unfortunately, are not refillable like copics, but they can be reconstituted with rubbing alcohol, but that only goes so far and I will, at some point, have to replace several hundred dollars worth of markers.
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a xion from the same au as this axel

she’s a witch, and while she’s not clairvoyant like axel, and therefor can’t actually see the ghosts and shit, she can conjure and control them

I am officially calling this au “Liber Nox”
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Okay so this was a ridiculously quick doodle. Like i literally sketched a thing and slapped some color on it.

This is concept art for an au i’m working on, that so far has no official name.

Axel is a medium, Xion is a witch, Roxas is a lost soul and Saix is a homicide detective that gets thrown in the middle of all this shit.
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I have like five or six aus that i consistently refer to and i really need to draw and share shit from them at some point. But my newest one is a modern witchcraft type au that uses actual occult practices and throws a fantasy twist onto them.

i.e. servitors and familiar spirits that actually have a physical form.

Also i really need to just break down and use a pencil when just making a black ink drawing. The purple sketch is distracting.
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I’ve been practicing with body types. I have plans for this character.
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I was playing around with hair and this happened. I left the skin and headband uncolored because i thought that might overwork it a bit??
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So i found these little 3 ½" x 4 ½" sketchbooks at work for like a dollar so naturally I bought all of them.

Broke the first one in with some akusai from the Alaska au. In the process discovered I need to play with their character designs a little bit.
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I finally got my first commission, woohoo! For dollydollspookprincess on tumblr.

Process video below.

Music: "Bucket fer Puking" by Plantaganda
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Music: "Wings of Steel" by Collide

I actually stopped recording doodle videos after this because: a) the ones I recorded turned out like shit compared to the ones I didn't record, and b) I eventually want to do a sketchbook tour and it's not going to be as interesting if everyone's already seen everything inside of it.
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Music: "Licky the Carnivorous Pony (Polluted Axis and the Magical Glue Factory)" by Bitch Brigade

I couldn't get over "blank page syndrome" so I picked up a cheap composition notebook and went to town on it. Here's a timelapse of a few of those doodles.

I've been into a lot of eye horror/body horror lately and it's 99% steven universe's fault.
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Fandom: Kindom Hearts
Pairing: AkuSai
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 518
Summary: 3 am was the only timeslot where Saïx allowed himself to miss Axel.
Genre: angst/romance
Warnings: smut
Notes: full image under the cut
Other links: { AO3 | ff.net | tumblr }

For the third time that week, Saïx woke up sweaty and short of breath )
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Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuSai
Rating: M
Word count: 496
Summary: “If you ever sass me like that again, I will bend you over and fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you,” “Is that a promise?” “It’s a guarantee,”
Genre: romance
Warnings: choking, somewhat smutty but not.
Notes: part of AkuSai Month. contains accompanying art.
Other links: { AO3 | ff.net | tumblr }

Saïx was quick to react and Axel was shoved back into the wall full-force )


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